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News 2015

News 2015

Announcement from the friendly Balfolk group that dances at Dufferin Grove during the warm months:

A family friendly, social night of (mostly French) folk dances with live music!

BALfolkFESTnoz #3
Friday, February 27, 7:30-midnight
St. Vlad's Theatre, 620 Spadina (south of Harbord)
$10 in adv / $12 at the door / $5 kids under 15

See facebook page


From the January 2015 Newsletter:

Neighbourhood News

From an e-mail post by long-time electric-train, anti-wall Rail Committee leader Kevin Putnam:

“Sorry to report this evening that our Goal Line Stand for a greener solution to noise mitigation than massive walls of concrete and plexiglass has been unsuccessful. [Our Davenport Riding MPP] Cristina Martins has failed to secure a meeting with Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca. We can speculate endlessly about whether our rookie MPP is either incompetent or unwilling to work for a better outcome (she does live in Willowdale). ….For Steven Del Duca it is easier to let this play out, blame it on his predecessors and avoid wearing the issue by getting involved.

Fighting an arms length government agency like Metrolinx has proven to be pointless when they have so clearly got Transportation Ministers under their thumb. There is a new one almost every year and that works totally to the advantage of the [people] who run the organization.

The Rail Committee is not hanging around to point fingers or say "We told you". We are now officially closed for business. Many thanks to all of the residents who have been vocal about the issue of electrification and noise walls. We never would have toughed it out so long without your support!”.

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