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posted January 17th, 2007

Roger's Audit?

From The Webb Family:

This afternoon I was sitting in my kitchen when I saw a man in my back yard. He came into the alcove on the furthest side of the yard from the gate, rummaged around moving some bicycles, and then turned to leave. I stopped him as he came past the front door and asked him what he was doing. He stated he was from Rogerís Cable (he was wearing a Rogerís hat and badge) and said Rogerís is doing Ďauditsí in the area.

I informed him that I was uncomfortable and upset at him entering my backyard without ringing my doorbell especially since we have not used Rogerís products at this house since we moved in 3 Ĺ years ago.

My brother is in town and he called Rogerís as it disturbed him as well. I thought it was important to verify that the person was indeed a Rogerís employee to make a formal complaint about him entering my backyard without my permission. Also, if I discovered that Rogerís had no employees in the area I wanted to inform the list-serve of the occurrence in case it was related to petty crime.

I am deeply troubled because Rogerís was unable to verify if this man was a Rogerís employee or not (they said they would get back to me in the next 24 hours). They were not Ďableí to offer me any phone number in which to follow up on the issue, and because I have no accounts at Rogerís they were unable to make note of my call. Also, the customer service person I spoke to said that ďRogerís employees Ďhaveí to be able to do investigations and audits if an area has Ďleakages.í!!!???!!!

I now believe that this WAS a Rogerís employee in my back yard, without my permission. I am upset because it seems by making a choice not to have cable television has somehow opened me up to having strangers enter my backyard to investigate that choice, implying that it is so suspect to not to have cable that I must be stealing it.

By writing this e-mail I am hoping to inform others of the occurrence and also seeking advice on who to approach with complaints about this issue. As I am clearly and proudly not a cable customer, I am guessing any complaints I make will not be heard or taken seriously by Rogers.

Michelle Webb

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