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How many people used Dufferin Gove Park on Saturday July 30, 2011?
Ten counts over the day add up to just over 2000 people.

Saturday and Sunday on Civic Holiday weekend are often slower than other summer weekends but Civic Holiday Mondays are often pretty busy. No one was available to do a census on Monday but it appeared that the numbers in the park were about double those of Saturday.

11:00 AM - 139 People

2 people sitting on a bench by the main fire pit
2 people chatting on a bench by the basket ball court
20 people setting up 3 separate birthday parties or lounging on benches or grass in the south west quad/picnic area
8 people sitting beyond the path south of wading pool - some setting up yet another birthday party.
1 adult and 1 child sitting in the Cob Court Yard cafe to eat (others were eating on benches through out the area)
2 people in soccer field walking dogs.
3 people in and around the field house bathrooms
3 people lounging around the baseball diamond
14 adults and 21 kids in the playground.
24 adults and 25 kids in pool and surrounding area
5 adults and 8 kids in the sandpit.

12:30 PM - 213 People

3 people using the washroom at the rink house
2 people chatting at the Ovens/Gardens, another sitting reading the newspaper
4 people sitting on benches in front of the rink house.
3 Birthday parties in full swing in south picnic area, 28 adults and 15 kids, no doubt more kids from these groups in the playground.
11 people set up on picnic tables South of the Wading Pool path Lunch rush at the Cob Court Yard, 37 people in line or eating at tables.
9 people playing braving the heat to play on the soccer field
3 people going to or coming from field house bathrooms
6 people sitting on benches or the ground around the Baseball Diamond
2 people trying out the volley ball court
Play Ground 21 kids, 14 adults.
Pool 22 kids, 17 adults
Sandpit 15 kids, 4 adults.

1:30PM - 280 people

3 people in rinkhouse
2 kids with BMX bikes in the rink with ramps
8 people sitting around the picnic tables in the gardens
2 people sitting on benches near the basketball court
4 people sitting around the main fire pit on logs chatting, no fire
3 birthday parties in full swing in the picnic area with people sitting and chatting throughout. There are 27 kids and 50 adults in that area now.
There are 11 people set up beyond the path south of the pool.
11 people sitting in the cob courtyard cafe.
25 people in the baseball diamond as they begin to gather for the Clay and Paper matinee performance.
5 People are persisting to play soccer in the heat.
Play ground has 25 kids and 22 adults.
Pool has 18 kids and 15 adults
Sandpit has 17 kids and 12 adults in it. 3 dads actively digging and playing with the kids.
3 kids playing tetherball and 11 people at the field house washroom, including Clay and Paper members preparing for the play.

3:00 PM - 247 People

5 people at the main fire pit (no fire).
5 people at the rink house including parents bringing kids to the w/r 2 BMX bikers and a basketball player in the rink.
2 people chatting at the ovens.
14 people sitting on benches and grass in the north west corner of the park.
42 people in the picnic area and south quad, this includes people who do circus in the park. They are setting up near the stairs.
20 people south of the wading pool.
7 in the cob courtyard cafe.
11 in the baseball diamond tidying up after the play.
1 dog walker in the soccer field
Play ground has 26 kids and 20 adults.
Pool has 30 kids and 26 adults.
Sandpit has 9 kids and 10 adults.
11 people are setting up a bocci ball game north of the field house and 1 person is\ there using the facilities.
1 little girl is playing tetherball.

4:30 PM - 346 people

2 people in the rinkhouse.
1 person practicing bike polo in the hockey rink.
6 BMXers in the second rink
10 people hanging on different benches and the ground in front of the rinkhouse.
10 People settled to talk eat or read around the gardens. 2 people appear to be volunteer gardening.
Circus in the park has attracted 30 people who are doing aerial silks, tight rope walking between trees, hula hooping, hand stands and other fun stuff.
Picnic area now has 39 people, birthday parties are starting to wrap up except for one.
South of the wading pool has 30 people, the birthday party there is doing their cake now.
6 people sitting in the cob courtyard cafe.
10 kids and parents are in the tetherball area Playground has 45 kids and 40 adults.
Pool has 28 kids and 31 adults.
Sandpit has 23 kids and 20 adults.
7 People sitting near to baseball diamond.
5 chatting at the fieldhouse.
1 person in the soccer field.

5:30 PM - 203 People

4 people sitting in front of the rinkhouse.
17 People in the gardens near the ovens including a guitar player.
The circus is starting to wind down, 19 people still there.
11 people set up around the main fire pit (no fire)
10 people barbecuing shish-ka-bobs by the cob bench site, and sitting by the cob fire pit, the share some with staff
35 people are now gathered south of the wading pool in two separate groups. Play ground has 14 adults and 19 kids.
Pool has 21 adults and 17 kids
sandpit has 13 adults and 23 kids.

At the sandpit I get drawn into a discussion with two ladies as to the reason I am counting. We have a fascinating discussion about the city and I don't make it to the Fieldhouse, Baseball Diamond or soccer field.

7:00 PM - 255 People

7 BMX bikers on the skateboard rink.
3 people sitting in front of the rinkhouse 6 people sitting by the gardens and ovens. The guitar player has now been joined by a friend.
4 people in the basket ball court
11 people in the soccer field most of them dog walking.
80 People at the Clay and Paper production near the baseball diamond.
12 people dispersed sitting at benches and picnic tables along the paths. 3 kids playing tetherball
Play ground has 16 children and 13 adults
Pool is closed but 2 kids are playing with push cars on the pad with 4 grown ups watching.
Sand pit has 8 children and 10 adults.
2 people are still barbequing at the cob fire pit on their little hibatchi style bbq, their group is part of the 72 people still dispersed throughout the picnic area. There is still one of the three birthday parties going on at two picnic tables on the far west side of the park.

8:30 PM - 182 People

2 People sitting in front of the rinkhouse
5 people playing soccer on the hockey pad
5 kids bmx biking in the skate board pad
15 people sitting around the ovens and gardens.
7 people playing basketball on the court.
9 people gathered for a 'story telling' fire at the main fire pit.
15 people at the fieldhouse, clay and paper theatre members debriefing and putting away items after their performance.
9 people hanging around the soccer field. 2 dogs
10 people who had watched the play and were now sitting at relaxing near the baseball diamond.
10 People on benches and picnic tables along the paths.
1 kid playing tetherball
2 adults and 6 children in the sandpit.
4 adults and 4 children playing on empty pool pad.
3 adults and 10 children in the playground
10 people gathered with guitars for a fire at the cob fire pit.
7 people south of the pool at picnic tables.
48 people dispersed throughout the picnic area including the long running birthday party at the west end of the park.

9:30 PM - 88 People

2 friends still chatting at picnic tables by the ovens
3 kids at the skateboard rink
8 people playing soccer on the hockey pad
1 person in front of the rinkhouse
3 adults with a baby chatting on benches by the field house
5 people sitting along the path on benches etc.
5 people in the playground (1 a child)
8 people south of the pool.
9 adults and 2 children enjoying the cob fire.
5 adults and 6 children sitting on the bench across the path from the cob fire.
19 people in the picnic area/south quad.
11 people enjoying a fire at the main fire pit.

10:30 PM - 50 People

1 staff member in the rinkhouse
12 people playing soccer on hockey pad
1 person sitting in front of the rinkhouse
2 people playing basket ball on the court.
2 friends still sitting and chatting at a picnic table by the ovens.
3 people sitting around the fieldhouse chatting.
2 people at a bench along the pathways
2 people in the playground sitting on a bench
7 people still enjoying the cob fire pit
9 people dispersed through south quad and picnic area, most in small groups sitting and talking, enjoying the cool night.
9 people wrapping up storytelling at the main fire pit.

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