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September 10 2011 park diary

Sept.10, 2011: The Parks and Recreation session

The "Toronto stop the cuts" organizers said that this would be a kind of people's parliament, with many discussion groups working on a brief for the City's budget meetings at the end of September. The City said it was an unpermitted demonstration endangering staff safety. Here is a diary of the day, as it unfolded.

From park friend Jonah Gindin: "Almost 2,000 people have signed the Toronto Declaration that came out of the Saturday Mass Meeting. The Declaration will be presented to the Executive Committee of City Council on September 19th as a deputation. Would be great to get more signatures!"


lemonade stand at playground, Sept.10, 11.30 a.m.

The playground was extremely busy all day, with children playing and grownups talking, The playground cafe was not allowed to open, sio one young girl set up a lemonade stand instead.

Sept.10 11.30 a.m. playground (no sprinklers)

Sept.10 11.30 a.m. no garden club allowed

Sept.10 11.30 a.m. washroom maintenance

Sept.10 11.30 a.m. movie crew not cancelled

Sept.10 11.30 a.m. meeting setting up

Sept.10 11.30 a.m. numbered talking stations

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., main sign

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., ice cream truck

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., playground

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., sandpit

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., only police in park

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., music

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., discussion leader

Sept.10 1.30 p.m., Clay and Paper Theatre carpentry

Normal park activities continued as the meetings got into full swing. The park's programs (wading pool, cafe) had been cancelled and the two on-site staff were directed to stay inside for their safety.

Sept.10 3.30 p.m., sunbathing

Sept.10 3.30 p.m., hanging out

There was a holiday mood in the park, with some people participating in discussions, and many more talking or playing music or sunbathing.

Sept.10 3.30 p.m., maximum crowds, about 700

Sept.10 3.30 p.m. T-shirt" "the pen is mightier than the Ford"

Sept.10 3.30 p.m. CUPE Local 966 bus, Mississauga/Brampton

Sept.10 3.30 p.m. front of CUPE bus

No group which regularly uses the park on weekends had stayed away. The volleyball players didn't even seem to even be aware of the meetings that were taking place down in the Garrison Creek Hollow. The film people continued filming their Ford car commercial at the north end of the park.

Sept.10 2011, 3.30: volleyball

Sept.10 3.30 p.m. Ford commercial filming beside park

Sept.10 3.30 p.m. public sector discussion group

Sept.10 3.30 p.m. daycare discussion group

By the end of the afternoon, with the discussions over, most people left, the "Stop the cuts" crew cleaned up, and the park was just the same as before.

organizers Anna Willats and Alan Sears

Sept.10 5.30 p.m. meeting over, park cleaned up

In the media:

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Toronto Sun: Rally demands end to Ford's budget cutting, September 10, 2011.

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Now Tronto: The anti-Ford manifesto

Torontoist: Weekend Newsstand: September 10, 2011

Activist Communique: Activists allege that city attempted to block Toronto Stop the Cuts meeting, September 9, 2011.

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