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Bees Universe : John and Irina Alecu keep 150 beehives in 5 different yards close to conservation areas . They sell honey (clover, wildflower, buckwheat), honey comb, bee pollen, propolis (raw and tincture), fresh frozen royal jelly, beeswax candles and also live bees. See the vendor notebook entry>>

Contact: Phone: 416-924-3633 | Email: | Website:

Beretta Organics (certified organic): Mike and Cynthia Beretta raise beef cattle and pigs at their farm in King township, an hour north of Toronto. Accepts pre-orders until Wednesday before 3.30. See the vendor notebook entry>>

Contact: Phone: 416-674-5609 | Website: | This month's order form: Order Form

Best Baa Farms : Peter Bzikot and Nicole Macdonald bring sheep's milk yogurt and cheeses from their farm near Conn, part of the Ewenity Dairy Co-operative. They sell both sheep and cow's milk ice cream in summer, and lamb in winter.

Contact: Phone: 416-454-9719 | Email:

Chocosol:Michael Sacco and Matthieu bring horizontally traded cacao, amaranth, and other products, mainly from Oaxaca.

Contact: Phone: 416-923-6675 | Email:

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Country Meadows

Country Meadows Gardens (certified organic): Angelos Kapelaris produces olives and olive oil on his family farm in Greece, grows heirloom tomatoes and herbs, and presses goat and sheep's cheeses. See the vendor notebook entry>> and a Picture Gallery >>


Dufferin Grove Park community oven bread: (not certified: all flour and seeds and grains are certified organic but the oven is not certified). Breads are: grapeskin-sourdough, rye sourdough, Italian rosemary, Italian olive, artisan 6-grain, artisan pumpkinseed-sesame.

Contact: To contact the bakers:

Earthly Paradise:(Fall and Winter) Each plant used in earthly Paradise's products is organically grown by us or sourced from ethical companies that share our vision of a beautiful and bountiful planet. Nourish your skin and your spirit with our products: Creams, Salves, Products for the Face, Teas. Contact Colette Murphy.

Contact: Phone: 416-504-1653 | Email: | Website:

Feast of Fields Farm: near Jordan ON, Demeter-certified since 1996. Laura Sabourin grows grapes, pears, raspberries, and blackberries. They also make grape juice and preserves.

Contact: Website:

The Flying Fish Shak (Alli Harris): offers wild fish sandwiches, veggie rotis and curries, hemp pesto, hot sauce and locally-made, Caribbean-inspired beverages.

Contact: Cell: 647-884-7425

Forbes Wild Foods: natural wild foods from Canadian sources. Jonathan Forbes offers dried wild mushrooms, wild rice, maple sugar, preserved wild foods, jams, mustards, chestnut flour and more.

Contact: Website:

Fun Guy Farms: Bruno Pretti and Paula Vopni are mushroom growers. They have many varieties of fresh mushrooms including shiitake and oyster, mushroom pesto, crackers and Kombucha beverage. Contact: Phone: 416-402-9755/416-963-5520 | | Website:

(Colette) Murphy: Spring and Summer, see Urban Harvest. Fall and Winter, see Earthly Paradise

Contact: Phone: 416-504-1653 | Email: | Websites:,

Plan B Organics: in West Flamborough, ON. Melanie Golba and brothers Alvaro and Rodrigo Venturelli have a fifty-acre farm of which 18 -20 acres are used to grow mixed organic vegetables. They are part of Ontario's largest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)share program. Another part of their land is a reforestation project. See the vendor notebook entry>>

Contact: Phone: 905-659-2572 | Email: | Website:

Sosnicki Farms, Waterford, ON (south of Brantford): Ben and Jessie Sosnicki grow many varieties of certified organic vegetables. Jessie's family is Ukrainian and Ben's is Polish, so in winter they also sell sauerkraut, perogies, cabbage rolls, and tomato sauce, made with their certified produce. See the vendor notebook entry>> | See the picture gallery from June, 2004>> | See the picture gallery from September, 2004>>

'Contact': Phone: 519-443-5903 | Email: | Website:

Thorpe's Organic Produce: near Millgrove, ON. Ted Thorpe, a fourth-generation Ontario vegetable-farmer, has a 32 acre-farm, of which 20 acres is a market garden. He grows all kinds of vegetables and some herbs and fruits.See the vendor notebook entry>>

Contact: Phone: 905-689-2114.

Urban Harvest:(Spring and Summer) Urban Harvest is dedicated to providing its customers with seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Our plant seeds and garden supplies are specially chosen for their qualities by seasoned urban gardeners. All of our seedlings are grown in or near the greater Toronto area to support our local economy. Contact Colette Murphy.

Contact: Phone: 416-504-1653 | Email: | Website:

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