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Food In The Park

Food In The Park

At Dufferin Grove Park, food is an important part of the social scene, so there's a lot of it, and it's the best quality, and the most interesting, that the cooks can manage.

Most of the food sold at the park is purchased at the Thursday Farmers' Market (most of the food is organic), prepared in the Zamboni Kitchen, and cooked in the Bake Ovens.

It's then distributed through the cob courtyard cafe at the playground during the summer, through the Zamboni Cafe in the rinkhouse during winter, and at Friday Night Suppers by the Bake Ovens that are held most of the year.

Oh, and several hundred loaves of bread baked in the ovens are sold at the Farmers' Market each week. Not to mention pizzas prepared by neighbours themselves at the Pizza Days...

Not only does all this food enliven many of the activities and social scenes around the park, it also raises funds to support other park projects.

Zamboni Kitchen

Farmers' Market

Cob Courtyard

Food Cart

Friday Night Supper

Zamboni Cafe

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