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Summer Sports Schedule 2011

Summer Sports Schedule 2011

Any where there is a gap means it's free to book, the general times are Saturday 2pm to Sunday 10pm for the soccer field, base ball diamonds, and every day from 5pm to 9pm on the rink pad.

This schedule only tells you about sports that have been booked with staff. Many activities, like basketball or volley ball, remain unbooked. For more information call 416 392-0913 or email

Soccer field can be booked from Saturday 2pm to Sunday night. All other times the field is used by the Toronto Eagles

Pleasures side can't be booked, its drop-in skateboarding and basket ball, all days all times! Lights go out at 11pm.

Also see On-Off Sports 2011

Thursday July 14, 2011 a special "intro to bike polo" evening.

Booked Community Sports Times





9pm -11pm
Open bookings (email for availability)


12-2pm Beginner soccer (field) Starting in May, women friendly
1pm-7pm Bike Polo (hockey pad)- intermediate
3:30-5:30pm Queer West Soccer (field)non-competitive, all skill levels, fun focused

5:30-7:30pm (field) Ultimate Frisbee
Bike Polo 1pm - 7pm

9pm -11pm
Open bookings (email for availability)



7-8:30pm Women's ball hockey (hockey pad) Starting in May


bike polo
7pm to 10pm


drypad (hockey side only)
6:30-11pm Thursday Bike Polo
- all are welcome.


Brazil Pick-up Soccer
7:30pm - 11pm

Queer West Soccer Pick up soccer in the West End of Toronto (Dufferin Grove Park) Anyone can come along, regardless of if you're a pro or totally new. This is non-competitive and just for fun! We also encourage those who don't want to play. You can be the cheering section!

here is a link to facebook as well:!/group.php?gid=76971888494&v=wall

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