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Pickup Sports
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Pickup Sports

During the summer at Dufferin Grove we have few formal activities, that is games that require registration, and many opportunities to join with neighbours in Pickup sports

Basketball Player
Pick up sports At Dufferin

See Summer Sports Schedule 2014

The field is not officially open till Mid May. Please let us know if you'd like to make a booking in our community drop in programs on the soccer field Sat. 2pm till Sunday 10 pm or on the rink pads 5pm-10pm Mon-Fri or 10am to 5pm Sat and Sun

Check the schedule tab above for our schedule this year!!

posted April 25, 2014


Anytime. Night lights go off at 11pm. Balls may be borrowed if you ask at the clubhouse, offer some ID or collateral and $5 deposit. You get it back when you return the ball!

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EVERYONE WELCOME. Bring a bike, we usually have spare mallets with us.

Rookie nights are every wednesday 7-9pm weather permitting. They are for anyone and everyone to come out and try their skills at bike polo.

For news on bike polo events and our weekly Rookie nights, check us out on Faceboook or Twitter


The field is used by the children's soccer programs on all week nights and on Saturday daytime. On Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday, the soccer field is available for pick-up soccer: often you can share the field with other groups.

Feel free to join these groups above or ask if you and your group can share the field or contact us if you would like to have your own permit. Call 416 392-0913 to talk to staff or email

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Ball/Road Hockey

During the spring, summer and autumn months the dry rink pads change from ice rinks to roller hockey and Ball Hockey rinks.

Many games can be played on the hockey side of the dry pad. The City leaves the below times open for community permits. The dry hockey rink is available for pick-up ball hockey every evening until 11pm. If you want to get a group together and play call the park and the staff will turn on the lights. Feel free to join these games, just introduce yourself or if no one is around, get a game started.

Volleyball/ badminton:

We also have a Volleyball (and Badminton) net, strung up near the west side of the playground in the south end of the park. The area is open for pick-up games all the time.

Skateboard Park

On the rink pad that isn't boarded. Can be used till the lights go out at 11pm.

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Note: basketballs and sometimes other balls can be borrowed from park staff at the wading pool or at the rinkhouse or call 416 392-0913.

Other Sports and Exercise

Many Other Sports can be played from catch to croquet, feel free to set up games, if you have questions or need help from or call 416 392-0913.


Up during daylight hours, by the playground. Every year Parks, Forestry and Recreation provide tetherballs. We write "Dufferin Grove Park" on the balls to discourage thieving but if you see that it needs air, or that someone has removed the tetherball, just tell staff. Staff can be found near the wading pool or at the clubhouse. Or call 416 392-0913.


Saturday's around noon in the park


We do not have proper cricket pitch, but Cricket is regularly played on or near the soccer field.

Tai chi:

This can be seen all over the park in the early mornings, done mainly but not only by older Chinese people, alone or in small groups. The oldest person we’re aware of doing tai chi in the park (until recently) was over 100.


Thursdays 6 to 7pm in the park during the summer (June to August). See 2014 poster

Sundays 10:30 to 11.30 a.m. July and August. See 2014 Poster by Octopus Garden

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