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'''At Dufferin we have a Soccer field, of which about half is also a baseball diamond. The soccer field is in the North East corner of park, at Havelock and Dufferinpark Ave, right across from St Mary's High School. '''

posted April 25, 2014

The Toronto Eagles children's soccer club has the soccer-field permit Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings and Saturdays until 2. On Thursday evenings, the permit belongs to the "Portugal 2004" children's soccer club. This has been the case for 4-5 years. (On each of those evenings from 6.30 to 8.15 its fun to watch.)

From Saturday 2 p.m. until Sunday evening, the permits are there for community groups. These community permits are free through the park staff, and currently there are five regular groups, plus more spaces for one-off permits. Here are the rules: 1. Two-hour time slots; 2. usually only half the field; 3. include any neighborhood person who wants to play soccer but doesn't have a group; 4. Mixed-gender or all-male or all-female. Look for our present schedule at Summer Sports Schedule 2013

This is an experiment not carried out elsewhere in the city, i.e. free community permits that have some participant flexibility, along the lines of shinny-hockey. To get a community permit, call the park at 416 392-0913 and ask for Mayssan, Anna or Matt or email

Queer West Soccer

Description: Pick up soccer in the West End. Anyone can come along, regardless of if you're a pro or totally new. This is totally non-competitive and just for fun! We also encourage those who don't want to play. You can be the cheering section!

4-6pm every Sunday.

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