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posted April 25, 2014

Basketball Player
On the Dufferin Park Court

For many years our Basketball scene has entertained and amazed spectators. We have now four basketball hoops. There are two hoops on the dry pleasures pad of the skating rink and two hoops are on the proper basketball court. Roughly in the north end of the park. A very, very lively scene.

There are lights on the basketball court until 11 p.m. every night. We have 4 basketball hoops. Lights go off at 11pm. Balls may be borrowed if you ask at the clubhouse, offer some ID or collateral.

There is usually pretty fast paced games on the main court but if your hoping to have a more relaxed time, feel free to use the hops within the rink pad. There's often groups of younger kids or people learning to play using these hoops.

The inside space is shared with the skateboard park.

If you ever notice that the nets are ripped or that the hoops are broken, please let the staff know, we've got extra and will fix them soon as we know.

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