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  • Sept. 1, 2000: publication of first monthly park newsletter, establishment of the Centre for local research into public space (CELOS) – really just a bookshelf to begin with.
  • Sept. 3: Morris Dancers’ Ale, with groups from as far away as West Virginia meeting on the basketball court to show each other their latest dances, and eating bread and pizza by the bake-oven. Sept. 9: Annual Neighbourhood Street Fair, with a potluck at the oven.
  • Sept. 18: Nadeem Soumah shooting his film on the basketball court, with his classmates from film school. Nadeem was a long-time park basketball player.

  • Sept. 20-24: Swizzlestick Dancers: Harvest Play stilt dancers (children as well as adults) in wonderful costumes.
  • Sept. 30: Third Annual Children’s Pow Wow, Native Child and Family Services – 1500 people watching First Nations dancers, eating Indian tacos, having a give-away.
  • Oct.7: Opening of the park rain shelter a very handsome cedar-shingled pagoda with an electrical outlet and storage benches for summer programs.
  • Oct.13: David Windle doing a two-day potter pit firing at the sand pit.
  • Oct.15: Bread-baking workshop with Jan Schallert, baking cinnamon buns and challah. Slightly troubled by a TV crew setting up to interview mayoral candidate Tooker Gomberg right in front of the bread oven, just as the bread was ready to go in.
  • Oct.17: Tulip planting with bulbs donated by Pat MacKay. *Oct.26: Hawthorne School Hallowe’en Campfire Cookout with “Haunted hot dogs” and “terrible treats” (popcorn in gloves with jellybean fingernails).
  • Oct.28: The First Annual Night of Dread Parade, David Anderson and the Clay and Paper Theatre – 1200 people in costume, taking to the streets with music, stilts, and dancing, then returning to the park for a community bonfire to burn up their fears, and for fresh bread at the oven. *Oct. 29: Wood-fired bread oven laboratory with a portable oven from the Spiral garden, and Wendy Trussler from the “Bread Baking Boundaries” festival, baking in a dutch oven.
  • Dec.1: Scheduled rink opening (but the ice was not ready). *Dec.10: Councillor Mario Silva’s Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony with some carols sung by the St.Ann’s Choir.
  • Dec.23: Last court-date for Dufferin Grove Park court follow-up project – on the final of ten court visits, the young man pleaded guilty to shooting a rink guard with a pellet gun 11 months before, and was sentenced, but without reference to the park victim-impact statement. *Dec.31: New Year’s Eve neighbourhood shinny including little kids and adults.

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