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A CATALOGUE OF OUR PARK ACTIVITIES, January 2001 to December 2001 2002:
  • Jan.19-20 2001: The Dufferin Cup Hockey Tournament for kids 12-13 from across the city.
  • Jan. 29: Trinity-Dovercourt District Girl Guides annual winter skating party. They made “s’mores” with hot marshmallows between melted chocolate bars. January, 2001 Newsletter
  • Feb. 18: Goodbye Party for the rink and for park coordinator Lily Weston, with soup and bread, the Darbazi Choir, and many special guests.
  • Feb.19: Community Meeting “The Fate of the Park” resulting in 70 new “friends of the park,” plus the drafting of a “park blueprint.”
  • March 20: Seed packaging workshop at the rink house to get Arie Kamp’s seeds ready for Foodshare’s “Seedy Saturday” at Scadding Court. *March 23: Park website established by Emily Visser, with pictures, links, everything!
  • March 31: Third annual dog walkers’ spring park cleanup to pick up the winter remains of litter and dog poo.

  • April 1: Fourth Annual Passover Unleavened Bread Baking put on by Annie Hurwitz and Ron Paley.
  • April 5: First CELOS publication: “Cooking with fire in public space” a 60-page booklet about picnics, campfires, and bread ovens at the park.
  • April 15: Planting of flowering plum and chokecherry bushes by Gene Threndyle in the native species areas. Plant money came from a film industry grant brokered by Councillor Mario Silva. Gene and the parks staff also built a new fence around the southwest garden.
  • April 18: Ministry of Consumer and Business Relations Stakeholder Consultation concerning the outdated RCO requirement at artificial ice rinks – four people from the park went to make a submission and ask questions.
  • May 12: Mayor’s Clean-up Day and The Geneaction Group children’s day.
  • May 26: Dover Gardens Nursery Co-op Funday with a raffle, face painting, a plant table, a no-nuts bake sale.
  • May 14: Vegetable gardens planting day with Annick Mitchell and family. Heritage potatoes and herbs for the oven days.
  • June 2: Midwives Collective new Mother’s Reunion Picnic – this ended up with about 300 people at the park ovens, trying to make pizza – way too many.
  • June 3: Horticultural Societies of Parkdale and Toronto Annual Garden Tour during which it rained.
  • June 27: New “Technical Standards and Safety Act” proclaimed , without the RCO requirement.
  • July 9: First “cook your supper in the oven” night when the ovens were kept hot so people could come and make dinner there. Four families.
  • July 15: Cosmic Kids Rave and Fundraiser – a children’s rave, stories and crafts afternoon, put on by a group called “Arborvitae” – very friendly but the DJ music was too loud.
  • July 22: Councillor Mario Silva’s annual Summerfest with hot dogs, a large community lawn sale, face painting, and a performance by Clay and Paper Theatre.
  • July 24-29: Dusk Dances 2001: five dances in five different parts of the park from 7.30- twilight every day, including a wheelchair dance on the wading pool area. 300-500 people every night.
  • August 16,17,18: Gold (new play written by Larry Lewis) performance, by Clay and Paper Theatre. So lively that a passerby thought it was a riot (the audience followed the play around the park, and they were hurrying to get to the next scene) and called the police, who came in riot gear. But they made no arrests.
  • August 26: Dufferin Mall Youth Services Three-on-three Basketball Tournament with a very loud sound system and some fall-out from the neighbourhood. The organizers said they wouldn’t come back to the park anyway because the park basketball players were disrespectful. Read more about these events in August 2001 newsletter
  • Sept.1: One-year anniversary of monthly park newsletter – who would have thought it would last that long? Newsletter warns of radically shortened rink season.
  • Sept. 2: Annual Morris Dancers’ Ale – they ate 53 loaves of bread because dancing makes you hungry

Morris Dancers
  • Sept. 8: Annual Dufferin Grove Neighbourhood Street Fair and pot luck by the oven.
  • Sept. 9: Fourth Annual Celebrating our Children Pow Wow put on by Native Child and Family Services.
  • Sept.21: First public raku pottery firing, near the small oven.
  • Sept.22: Karma Co-op all-day bread-baking picnic which had so many people that it was pretty chaotic, although most participants seemed to not mind.
  • Oct. 10: request to the city for financial information about our park, to prepare for November community meeting.
  • October 26: Hawthorne School Hallowe’en Fundraiser second time around, but very cold.
  • October 27, daytime: Annual fall clean-up by dog-owners and this time Judy Simutis made dog bagel pizzas, and a reporter came out from “City Dog” magazine.
  • October 27: Second Annual Night of Dread Parade even bigger than the last one, but David Anderson said it moved too fast and so it came back to the park at breakneck speed – and then the music was so good and the bonfire was so warm, people didn’t want to leave.
  • November 2: Arrival of portable toilet for Mimo so he would stop jamming the field house toilets, just because he hears voices that tell him to do that.
  • November 16: Loblaws’ President’s Choice Division baking day at the park, organized by Elisabeth Harris from the Riverdale Farm community bread oven and farmers’ market (13 Loblaws’ staff, very cheerful and curious to bake bread in the wood-fired oven).
  • November 21: “Citizens’ Hall” Community Meeting postponed because of lack of financial information.
  • December 1: Rink opening, at 11 degrees celsius (green grass and flowers but good ice – sports in the park that day were basketball, frisbee, baseball, soccer, and ice hockey).
  • December 2: Councillor Mario Silva’s Christmas tree lighting as well as the Darbazi Choir and the Nyamamusango marimba band, to celebrate the rink being open.

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