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City Allotment Gardens

City Allotment Gardens

posted February 24, 2005

Allotment Gardens in Toronto, 2005

The City of Toronto has 991 allotment garden plots available for rental. The cost is $53.50 per season May 1 - October 15. If you're interested, call the EDCT (the City Economic Development, Culture & Tourism Department) Permit Section at 416-392-8188 (once connected press 8-1). Names can be added to the waitlists starting February 1st (or the 1st business day in February). A new list is started every year. It all depends on who does not reapply that season. Once you have a plot you will receive a renewal form every year in December, followed by a phone call and a reminder letter in February. If you decide not to renew your plot, it then becomes available to the first person on the wait list.

  • Silverthorn Hydro Land, on the west side of Old Weston Rd, 1 1/2 blocks north of St. Clair Ave W. (map)
  • High Park, Bloor St. W and Parkside Dr.(map)
  • Leslie Street, at the south end of Leslie St., south of Commissioners St. (map)
  • West Deane, Martin Grove and Rathburn (map)
  • York Gardens, Jane and St.Clair (map)
  • Stoffel, Hwy.27 and Dixon Rd. (map approx.)
  • Daventry, Brimorton Dr. and Markham Rd. (map)
  • Givendale, Lawrence and Kennedy (map)

There are no brochures about allotment gardens. There is also no information on the City of Toronto web site, but when you call the number above during business hours, you get a real (friendly) person.

  • We're told that there are approximately 110 community gardens in Toronto, of which maybe 20%-25% are in parks. If you know where we can get a list to publish, please contact us at
  • We've read that there were 2000 allotments in Metro Toronto in 1995. Now we're told there are 991 allotments. We'd like to know if either or both statements are true, and if true, what happened to the missing 1000 or so allotments. If you have a list that we can publish, please contact us at

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