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Gardening 2014

Last Garden Drop In Times: Sunday, October 26, 2 - 4 pm and Wednesday, October 29, 3 - 5 pm.

Well, this is the last of the news for the garden at Dufferin for this year. This Sunday and Wednesday will be the last garden drop in sessions of the season. Sunday we'll be putting the vegetable beds to sleep for winter what with planting the rest of the garlic, dismantling the bean trellis and spreading compost. Our cold frames need to be repaired too and put in place over the kale and salad greens. Wednesday will be given to tidying up loose ends and eating our green tomatillos in delicious roasted and raw salsas with corn chips after our garden wrap up.

Many thanks to all those who turned out to help us this season! Stay tuned for more garden news in February when we begin seeding our tomatoes in the rink house for next spring.


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