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Weddings In The Park

posted March 17, 2006

To: Do you allow weddings in Dufferin Park? Is it suitable? pretty? are we allowed to put up a tent/marquis?

Anywhere/any services for a reception? I am not in Toronto; I am in Victoria - so are there photos of the gardens?


Dear J.G.,

Weddings in parks are lovely, but the scale and exclusiveness of an event like a wedding could be a problem at Dufferin Grove.

While the gardens are pretty sometimes we have no gardening budget and so our gardens are inconsistent. We are a busy park and have many, many public events that go on in park during the summer with actors, dancers, farmers and a lot of fires in our two bake ovens. There are two buildings with washrooms on site, one certainly too dirty for nicely dressed guests and the only space for a reception is outdoors- picnic tables, which must be shared with other picnics and are often broken and unpainted.

Probably other parks in Toronto would suit better, some of them may allow tents to be put up, generally speaking we do not, parking might be easier to find and perhaps some parks have special wedding services like indoor space available. Without knowing for sure I would suggest contacting Kew gardens, high park, Allan Gardens and the University of Toronto which has well kept gardens, many lovely buildings and is more experienced in this.

My mother got married in a park in Winnipeg in 1970, its a lovely idea, but I doubt that Dufferin could fit the bill. Good Luck,

A.W. (park staff).

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