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The Gardens

The Gardens

Dufferin Grove Park has a number of vegetable and ornamental gardens as well as some new tree plantings. The links below include the park's gardens from the past and present as well as from different seasons.

Savannah in the City

This garden is on the north side of the rink fence, in the northwest corner of the park.

Savannahs are open areas in the forest with scattered trees (usually oak or pine) whose discontinous tree canopy allows enough light in to support wildflowers, shrubs and grasses normally found in tallgrass prairies. Unlike meadows - which tend to evolve into forest as a result of the natural succession of species - savannahs are considered to be stable plant communities because of the unique ability each of the plants has to regenerate after forest fires. They are incredibly biodiverse habitats both in terms of the flora within them and the fauna that they support. Unfortunately they are also endangered in Ontario, as both urban and agricultural areas have gradually swallowed them up.

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