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Weekly Market Notes for April 19, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

One of our market's finest features is Georgian Bay fish (fresh, frozen and smoked) from Andrew Akiwenzie and family. Andrew has done the long drive down from Cape Croker and back again more times than you could count, and it adds up to a lot of wear and tear on vehicles as well as the fisherman! This week, we'll be 'launching' a new approach: an enterprising woman who wants to do a circuit of deliveries to Toronto will bring the fish down, and Alli Harris (famous for fish sandwiches and rotis) will be selling it for the Akiwenzies (yay Alli!) That means Andrew will have more time on the water and to prepare the fish, and we will get fish more often. Tell your friends; we don't want anyone to miss the coolers at Alli's table.

So I sat down with Colette's Urban Harvest catalogue to plan some planting. It's alphabetical, and I didn't get past 'B' before I was mentally preparing to transform my small back yard into a veritable Bean Bonanza. Such tantalizing descriptions! Deep red and shiny Cranberry beans, sweet yellow Marvel of Venice, irresistible Tolosa Black ("once cooked, a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt transform it into a velvety perfumed stew"), Purple Podded Poles, which not only make a good tongue-twister, but have lilac edible flowers...with enough tripods and tipis, surely I can grow them all!

"Urban Harvest will be at the market with a full array of heirloom seeds. Weather permitting, and if we are outside, we will also bring some cold hardy plants, herb, vegies and natives. Also, our pop up store is open for the next 3 months at 1604 Queen St West. Just in case your arms are too full from all the goodies at the market."

If you want a preview to help with decision-making, or you're one of our long-distance readers, visit

From Blythe at Growing Spaces: "As long as we don't get a frost, I should be bringing spring bouquets to the market. There will be a lovely assortment of tulips, daffodils, some hyacinths, muscari, and fruit tree blossoms...."

Country Meadows reports: "We've had some requests for tomato plants for the past few weeks, so for customers who want larger size plants, I'll send along some large plants already in bloom. Also I've had requests for combo "juicing" greens, so I put together a vibrant combo of brilliant colour greens for juicing. Finally, turkey eggs, there will be some, but they are rather scarce." Linda and Angelos

"Kind Organics will be bringing Arugula, Kale, Salad and BORDEAUX SPINACH!! Also HERBS: Mint, Dandelion, Lambs Quarters, and lots of Stinging Nettle for Soups, teas, or sauteeing! And of course we'll have SUPER FOODS: sprouts, kombucha and tinctures. See you at the Market!" Sandra Dombi

LEEKS! Need I say more? Seth Goering returns with a fresh-harvested extra-early pile from Forbes Wild Foods. Aren't you glad you're still reading?

And a special message from Lorenz Eppinger of Greenfields, no longer at the market but still a key part of the organic agriculture picture in our region:

"Hope all is well at Dufferin. We just had our road side stand (small building) blow over in a storm and are scrambling to get it back up in the hope to have an outlet for the impending asparagus avalanche. COG (Canadian Organic Growers) is in dire need for funding and I believe that a national organisation is critical to organic success in Canada. If organic consumers would chip in as little as $ 10 each they'd be well on their way. I know a farmer that donated $1000.00 and is feeling hopefull others will give whatever they can. Best wishes from a literally green and blossoming farm!"

Visit to learn more about why help is needed, and support organic growing in Canada.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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