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Weekly Market Notes for April 02, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

April is here, and though we have to be patient a little longer, before the month is out we should be tasting some fresh new flavours!

We've had a quieter winter market than we've come to expect at Dufferin, and before we bid the indoor season good-bye, I'd like to ask for your feedback. If you've been absent from the market for a while, we'd appreciate it if you could write to and tell us in two words or twenty whether it's just hibernation (we'll admit, there were some pretty tough Thursdays in there!) or if other factors have been influencing your market attendance. We're all in this local food project together, and your information will help in our planning for the future.

Here's the early spring vendor news:

From Greenfields: Lots of sun and fresh air to enjoy at the farm over the last week; shaping up for a nice market day. A good selection of healthy produce this week. Local goodies available are Red Beets, Green Cabbage, Rainbow Carrot, Carrot, Button & Shiitake Mushroom, Yellow Onion, Potato, Rutabaga and limited Spinach. Of course, Greenfields Sunchokes and Celeriac as well. Just because March is over (Celeriac month) doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself. Let's make April Jerusalem Artichoke month!!! I like to use half Sunchokes and half Potato for a mash, soup, roasted. Try slicing them very thin and eating them raw in a salad; nice and crunchy, sweet & nutty. Lots more, but you'll have to come and find out for yourself. See you there, Mark

From the Sosnickis: More orders for our Organic Compost welcome. I have created an essential blog at with lots of information regarding our compost and answers to commonly asked questions. We are still busy grading storage cabbage and are transplanting all our field tomatoes this week. The romas look excellent! Jess & Ben.

From the Akiwenzies: We won't be down to market. We are fishing but the catch is slow and the winds have been quite nasty. Nice thing is that the ice has melted and most of our snow has disappeared. So we will aim for next time. Have a good week. Natasha and Andrew

From Country Meadows Gardens: Angelos will have the Rosemary plants again. For customers who were looking for Lavender Scented Goatmilk Soap last time, we will have some again this week. There will be a few bars of Raspberry Scented Soap as well. Also, this might be the last week we will be bringing Tree Oil soap to the market. Tea Tree has wonderful anti-bacterial properties so we use that exclusively for hand washing at the farm, and we don't want to run out before I make any more. Now that the greenhouses are going full tilt, I will be putting my soap kettle into semi-retirement til fall, so the soap supply for the market is getting low. Linda

Great maple syrup season underway, with Forbes Wild Foods keeping us supplied. To continue the maple theme, so appropriate to the moment, try Best Baa's creamy, delicately sweet maple yogurt.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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