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Weekly Market Notes for April 26, 2007

Hello Market Friends:

The wonderful weather last week brought such a wave of "spring peepers" to the market that we had to wonder if our neighbourhood is in the midst of a new baby-boom. Guess it's just the annual surprise of seeing so many lovely babies out at once. As we filled the pavement around the rinkhouse, everyone was asking when the move to the summer path location would happen. We have to be patient for a few weeks yet, until the spring showers pass and the leaves come out. Until then, be sure to tour both inside and out. More vendors will be back each week now, and when it's rainy we'll use our market tents to shelter vendors who need the space (and customers, too!).

This time, Tim Clement returns with his delicious crepes, and Whitney of Toronto Sprouts will be coming.

From Monika of Greenfields:

"The sunny warm weather has finally dried the fields enough for us to get out and cultivate. Sweet peas are planted and many of the seedlings will be in the ground in the next few days. This week we have lots of the local nutrient-rich spring mix, and lovely bunches of local red mustard, cilantro and watercress. Our own asparagus will be up soon- but for this week we are offering an excellent deal on tender purple asparagus bunches to get you ready for the local stuff. Other tasty treats include: giant red bell peppers, zucchini, those flavourful strawberries that you were tempted with a few weeks ago, and of course our very own freshly-dug sunchokes. See you at market!"

From Jessie Sosnicki: "Ben will be there this Thurs with pototoes, plus more perogies!! If folks want them, I'll keep making them!"

If you're a regular Berettas' customer, you'll know their friendly helper Scott. He'll be leaving us shortly to work on making golf courses a more environmentally-friendly shade of green. You might want to ask Scott why he looks so happy this week...some congratulations are in order.

Deer Valley Farm will have a great selection of cuts of fresh venison for this week’s market: tenderloin, strip loin, top sirloin, steaks and eye of round. Frozen burger patties, sausages and ground also available.

From the Akiwenzies:

"We should have fresh whitefish and trout. Salmon will be a big maybe for their season is coming to an end. Hopefully they come back in the fall. We will have smoked salmon though. We are using sea salt now for the smoked fish. We also use John's honey for the honey garlic smoked fish. Yummmm….. Andrew is glad to see the ice finally gone for now it is a bit safer to go fishing other than the wind. The wind the other day kept all the fishermen on shore and we heard Toronto had some damage caused from it.

We are planning a fish fry at our home on Mothers' Day. It is to raise money for the kids' Mountain bike & Cross Country ski team. I don’t know if anyone will be up in our area then but it is open for anyone. The first bike race is on Sunday, May 6th."

One more thing: Last week, a large, friendly, brown-striped tabby cat with a cougar-like face, a regular visitor to the park, disappeared around market time, and his owners miss him terribly. If you know anything about his whereabouts, please call 416-538-6552.

See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3-7 p.m. year-round\\

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