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Weekly Market Notes for August 14, 2014

We're open every Thursday, rain or shine, from 3 to 7 pm. You can find DufferinGroveFarmersMarket on Facebook now, too.

Hello Market Friends:

This is definitely the time of year when you can arrive at the market and see what inspires you!

"The beauty of beets has arrived at Everdale and we'll have bunches of these juicy purple roots at market these week. Grate them raw onto your salad, or juice them, or roast them with sea salt and fresh oregano, or make borscht, or pickle them... So many options. And so much colour! See you in the park with our other usual offerings too!"

Knuckle Down news: "If you missed the lettuce last week don't worry we will have more beautiful heads this time! We will also have lots of lovely cilantro, beets, swiss chard, cucumbers and (surprise surprise) summer squash. There will be a few baby carrots again this week too and nice tender green cabbage." Jenny and Peter standing in for Lea this week

Jessie Sosnicki says the corn needs one more week, but when it's ready, there will be LOTS. Their table will be piled high with great summer produce (like their spectacular orange, yellow, red and green tomatoes!) this time. There will be plenty of wonderful fruit again this week, too!

Natasha Akiwenzie writes: "I hope we will be down. We should have smoked and frozen. There is a very slim chance for fresh fish for it has been crazy windy up here and the winds are going to continue."

Reimer Vineyards will be in the VQA tent this time.

Floralora Flowers and Urban Harvest will both return August 28th.

We had tremendous fun with members of The Double Cuts western swing band last week. YES, they promise to return, and in the meantime, don't forget their show at The Dakota Friday August 15th.

Our August celebration continues with a visit from the 2014 Tune Your Ride Tour: "a bicycle-powered travelling music tour which takes four folk musicians from Brockville to Toronto this August. Covering nearly 400 kilometres entirely by bicycle, with all instruments and a full sound system in tow, these pedal-pushing troubadours perform eight bike-powered concerts in towns along the route. The family-friendly show opens with a set of children's music from Great James, continuing with performances by acoustic singer-songwriters Abigail Lapell, Ben Hermann and Jessica Moore."

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. A note about sharing information at the market:

Space permitting, the market reserves one spot per week for local not-for-profit groups to share information about food and farming, environmental sustainability and community issues (one visit per group per year). Anyone interested in using this spot or in providing entertainment is asked to write ahead so we can coordinate requests.

Please don't use the market as a place to distribute flyers or set up without communication in advance. There is a community board inside the rinkhouse where notices can be posted. Information about events or issues which market-goers might like to be aware of can also be sent to for inclusion in our newsletter (weekly deadline: noon on Wednesdays).

Thanks for your co-operation.

Vendors this week:

  • Akiwenzies Fish (frozen and smoked Georgian Bay fish),
  • Ali Harris (rotis and fritters, hemp pesto and seeds, beverages),
  • Bees Universe (honey and bee products),
  • Beretta Farms (organic and naturally raised meats),
  • Best Baa (cheeses, yogurt, sheep's milk, ice cream),
  • Brixton Grill (vegan barbeque and ice cream sandwiches),
  • Chocosol (coffee and chocolate, tortillas),
  • Country Meadows (eggs, cheese, olives, oil),
  • DeFloured (gluten-free baking),
  • Dufferin Park Bakers (wood-fired oven breads, soups,and snacks),
  • Earth and City (raw foods and smoothies)
  • Evelyn's Crackers (crackers, granola and other baking from ON grains),
  • Everdale Farm (organic vegetables),
  • Feast of Fields (organic berries and tender fruits),
  • Field Sparrow (pastured meats),
  • Forbes Wild Foods (dried mushrooms, nuts, syrup, preserves)
  • Kind Organics (sprouts, kombuchas, teas, chocolate),
  • Knuckle Down Farm (organic vegetables),
  • Niagara Lavender Farm (organic berries and tender fruits),
  • Pine River Organic Farm (organic vegetables),
  • Plan B (organic produce),
  • Shared Harvest (organic vegetables, ferments),
  • Sosnickis Organic Produce (organic vegetables)
  • Spade & Spoon (jams, pickles, soups),
  • Tapioca Gourmet (gluten-free tapioca pancakes with seasonal fillings),
  • Ted Thorpe (veggies),
  • VQA Wines (rotating roster of organic wineries, Reimer Vineyards this week),
  • Waymac Farms (oyster and shiitake mushrooms),
  • Ying Ying Soy (tofus and miso).

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