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Weekly Market Notes for December 22, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Happy Solstice! Longer days ahead! We are going to have a lovely, goodie-filled market this week. We'll be wiggling tables around to fit everyone in, and then piling them high.

I thought I should get a head start on the festivities last time by bringing home a wide variety of DeFloured's holiday baking. Oh dear, I meant to share, but where did they go? (one for you...three for me....) Get the dark chocolate fig tarts, and the tiny mince ones with the cutouts on top, and the macaroons...oh, and the deep-dish chocolate chip cookies too. Yum.

"Urban Harvest will have seeds for stocking stuffers and Gift Certificates, and Earthly Paradise will have lots of lovely stocking stuffers, and lotions and potions. Smelly things to ease the stress and make you all swoony. Smell good too for the holidays. Scrub up with some great Toronto Botanicals Bee Soap." Cheers, Colette

Forbes Wild Foods will be absent.

"WOW Kind Organics still has SALAD!!! We will have a very limited supply of Holiday Salad Blend, Kale, Arugula, Sprouts (of course), Special Tea blends (great for Christmas gifts), and ask us about our appreciation gifts for all the customers who have supported us throughout the seasons. We will have some new additions to our line up as well. Oh, and don't forget the Kombucha! It can be a great addition to the Holidays as it helps to improve digestive health. Happy Holidays to everyone from Kind Organics", Sandra and Tamas Dombi.

Sosnickis' report: "Ben will have Brussel Sprouts, Celeriac, Potatoes, Cabbage, Leeks, LOTS of Perogies, AND some Cabbage Rolls too! And grab a tub of Sweet Corn to enjoy over the Holidays! Ben and I wish all the best to our customers for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!" Jessie & Ben

Market folks are all over the news, so here are some links to enjoy at your leisure (which I hope you'll have plenty of, soon):

There's a nice video profile of the development of Kind Organics on the FarmStart website:

If you're a regular, you'll recognize Lucia Maceda, owner of "Cool Hand of a Girl" in the Junction, as she shops at the market every week. Jennifer Bain of The Star asked for one of Lucia's recipes for Christmas:

Another market fan, Maria Nunes, sent an article she wrote for the magazine "Spezzatino" (which looks like a very interesting publication) about James Whetung of Black Duck Wild Rice. James has been back recently after a long absence from the market, and says he'll come until he has sold the rest of his harvest. The article will be posted shortly on our Market News page here at

Wishing you all a great holiday, but first, see you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. A reminder that we'll have a smaller than usual setup next week, but still plenty of good things to eat.

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