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Weekly Market Notes for December 03, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

During December our $2 market bags will be 'buy one get one free'. Why? Because we'd like you to:
a) load up on our especially bountiful late fall produce
b) give one away to introduce someone to the market
c) fill them with market goodies to make wonderful presents
or all of the above! The market is a great place to be this month.

The news:

Sosnickis report: "Ben and I will be bringing fresh from the field (in December!) purple and orange Carrots with tops, Brussel Sprouts, Beets & Cabbages (both green & red). From our storage area we'll be bringing our Potatoes (Yukon & Red Chieftan), Celery (still celery in the field, so perhaps cut fresh if time allows), Celeriac, Red, Spanish & Cooking Onions, and both kinds of Perogies too! Tomatoes have not ripened much, but will be bringing in a few green ones for those who have requested and also for those who want to be naughty and fire up a pan of grease and make 'fried green tomatoes'! If you're on Facebook search for our public page 'SOSNICKI ORGANIC PRODUCE' where I posted lots of pictures of Ben harvesting December 1st! I'll create a blog too shortly. Cheers and Ben and I really hope Angelos is back soon, as his cheese and olives are dearly missed by the family!! Can't wait!" Jessie

You'll get your wish, Jessie; here's the latest from Linda Kapelaris of Country Meadows:

"The egg man cometh", Angelos will be at the market this week, and he'll have eggs but not as many as in the summer. Our chickens live completely naturally, absolutely no artificial lights for them, so the egg production goes down when the daylight hours are short. This is nature's way of giving the chickens a rest from laying, sort of an "egg break vacation" for them. Here's something you will enjoy, our heritage turkeys are letting Angelos know how much fun he missed while he was away! Yesterday he was out, and when he came home he looked out the back window and here's the turkey flock, hanging out on the back porch, just like a bunch of uninvited guests. Apparently they had gone to the neighbour's, they did not get invited in there, so they came back home. They were having a "porch party" and wanted Angelos to join them; he was not impressed. Living with a bunch of wild turkeys is a real experience!!

"Forbes Wild Foods will be bringing more Heartnuts and Shagbark Hickory Nuts to the market. We will also have creamy, delicious Maple Butter." Meg and Seth

Tim Clement will be absent this week.

Berettas has lots of items on special this week. It's a good time to stock up on LEAN GROUND BEEF, on for $3.49/lb (with a minimum purchase of 10) or $5.00 per pkg. Rib Eye Steaks and Roasts, Skirt and Hanger Steaks, Oxtail, Meaty Soup Bones, Turkey Tenders and Nitrite Free Turkey Franks are all on special, too!

Friday night market-based suppers are back on from 6 to 7:30 pm, and don't forget the Dufferin Craft Fair, coming up December 13th.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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