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Weekly Market Notes for February 16, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

The forsythia cuttings I brought indoors have burst into a blaze of yellow, but it's conversations with bakers, growers and makers this week that have me excited about spring. It's not time for big announcements yet, but it certainly does look like a tasty outdoor season ahead! (Okay, just one small 'leak': if the weather is right, WE'RE GONNA HAVE MORE STRAWBERRIES than EVER!!)

And if you think I'm getting ahead of myself with talk of spring, check out this news from Sandra at Kind Organics:

"We will be planting lettuces in the greenhouse soon so that means about one month before our first spring harvest. We will have our last harvest of fall planted salad this week. We need to let the greenhouses recover so that we can hit the ground running in March. So I have 20 bags of salad greens coming to the market. Also ask me about our deal on sprouts this week."

For a classic combo, try Alli's Bakery's Corn Bread with warm maple syrup from Growing Spaces (Blythe). Don't know why, but we always called it 'Johnny Cake' when we devoured it in the sugar bush as kids. Split the corn bread in half so it soaks up as much syrup as possible!

We are delighted that Andrew Akiwenzie will be bringing down smoked whitefish in all of Natasha's delicious flavours, as well as frozen filets. (Don't be scared off by the 'frozen' part, the fish is terrific, and easy to thaw whenever you want.)

Thanks to all who made donations to the Family Support Fund for the men killed in Hampstead. Rose Lipton, who organized the collection, sent this lovely note:

"My heart was warmed by the kind words I shared by with so many folks at the market last week. While our contribution was modest it felt good to choose action over it always does."

Donations are being collected online by United Food and Commercial Workers Canada in conjunction with the Agricultural Workers Alliance at:

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Don't miss out on a chance to buy a ticket for a delicious evening on February 29th at the "Leap into Hops" event. Visit our Food News page for details!

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