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Weekly Market Notes for January 19, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

We have a number of comings and goings at this time of year, keeping things lively on our market list:

Greenfields will be away this week and next, but adding some new winter veg selection will be Kevin Hamilton, now of Shared Harvest Farm down in Dunville, but a familiar face behind the Plan B table to many of you. He'll be sharing their spot for the next while, supplying us with his Kimchi plus black round spanish radish, daikon, celeriac, parsnips and some beets.

Sosnickis' contribution: "We've finally hit the hall kitchen and made our sauerkraut this week SOO within two weeks time the fermentation should be complete and we'll have lots for market! We've made some red cabbage kraut this year along with the green! Ben will be at Dufferin this week with our usual loot: Leeks, Cabbage, Potatoes, Celeriac, Garlic, Perogies & Sweet Corn :))" Jess & Ben.

The Kind Update:

Hello market patrons,

It seems that the weather is continuing to cooperate for us and we will be bringing baby kale and 2 types of salad blend to the market this week, along with sprouts of course. We will also have the first batch of our "Borage Tincture" that we pressed from some of our fall borage harvest. Herbalist Penelope Ody says that Borage tincture helps to support your adrenal glands and is a great de-stressor. This tincture is locally grown and freshly pressed. Stay tuned for more tinctures from Kind Organics. Sandra Dombi

Bees Universe will be back from their all-too-short vacation, and so will Alli's Bakery.

Emma of Beretta Farms has promised more market specials coming up, so keep an eye on those coolers!

Here's some unfortunate news I thought you might want to be aware of if you've gotten to know our sometimes wild rice vendor, James Whetung. (If you can't place James, have a look at this wonderful article about him and his harvest: The Name of the Grain: Wild Rice

Rodrigo Venturelli of Plan B shared this note he received a couple of days ago:

Hi Rodrigo,

I want to let you know that our friend James Whetung, of Black Duck Wild Rice, had an accident this past week. He was working on a rice-processing building with his daughter when the scaffolding collapsed. I'm unsure of the details (when I spoke with his daughter she was still pretty shaken up and I think they are both hazy about how it happened). Fortunately neither was injured beyond repair, but James has broken his elbow and wrist. The most recent news I have - from Sunday evening - is that he is waiting in hospital for surgery. Other than our prayers for a speedy recovery I wonder whether we can collectively do something more material to help him out in the coming months? It will obviously be a while before he can return to processing and packaging rice and bringing it to market. Which leaves him without an income for the duration. I'm sure his community here in Peterborough will do what we can; perhaps you could pass this news on to the Dufferin Grove community?//

Thanks - Alice Horwood

Rod has promised to get a delivery to James this weekend, so anyone who wants to send something to James can do so through the good folks of Plan B.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. The Guelph Organic Conference is coming up January 27-29, check it out:

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