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Weekly Market Notes for January 24, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

Well, this is the real thing now, the kind of winter week that makes me think about my back-country ancestors, who never saw a mango in June much less January, got their winter Vitamin D from lard, and probably went an alarmingly long time between changes of long johns. While these details remind me not to glorify the past too much, I know that there were some legendary cooks I'd like to equal, who could turn winter-stored ingredients into deeply satisfying meals. At our house we've been enjoying stews, soups, and slow-braised dishes lately, and all these foods taste better when made a day or two ahead. It's a cozy pleasure cooking when time and energy come together and then having a big pot of food on hand for a long winter's evening. Of course, if you need your time and energy for other tasks, our excellent market cooks are ready to help out:

From Blythe of Growing Spaces: “ I was super excited to pull out of the freezer some asparagus that we froze last spring from my grandfather's farm in Simcoe Ontario. I know it doesn't feel like it now, but spring is coming! This week I'll be making a cream of asparagus soup that you can take home and warm yourself in this cold weather. As well, I made a batch of our cinnamon heart apple sauce- a lovely light dessert to finish off a great meal from the market! Keep warm!”

Sosnickis' contribution: “We'll have an abundance of Vegan Cabbage Rolls, so I won't disappoint anyone by being sold out! The Vegan Perogies went over well, so I will be making a batch early February to have available to everyone. In the meantime enjoy our Potato/Cheddar Perogies , Sauerkraut Perogies and Raw Sauerkraut! More Fingerling Potatoes, Cabbage AND we mass harvested the rest of the greenhouse Kale before the cold weather set in, so we will STILL have Kale! :))” Jessie & Ben

To protect yourself from wind and dry indoor air, stock up on Bees Universe's lovely skin cream and their lip balm 'sticks'. These are so much better than the drugstore variety; I don't leave home without one at this time of year. Be sure to keep a good supply of honey on hand for warm drinks, too. When making your favourite honey-lemon or hot toddy, just remember not to use boiling water. Hot up your cup first and then take it easy on the temperature so you protect the beneficial properties of the honey!

Chris and Krista of DeFloured are our smiling outdoor market ambassadors through the winter, welcoming all with their delicious gluten-free baking, but we'll be squeezing them inside this week so you don't break a tooth on a frozen tart or something. Depending how the day unfolds, we may ask you to enter via the rink side instead of the big zamboni garage door so we can keep the heat inside.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. We've got more $1 reusable produce bags available for sale this week to help you kick the plastic habit. Ask me or the produce vendors.

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