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Weekly Market Notes for January 03, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

Hope you've all had some lovely time off, and welcome to a New Year! I'm hoping that your resolutions include ones we can help out with, like eating healthy, and finding happiness close to home.

We'll have a good market this week, with a few January changes of spots, and a strong selection overall. Alli's Bakery, Woolerdale, and Urban Harvest will be away this month, and Best Baa will be absent just this week, but the rest of the crew will be on hand. Time for some fresh stuff in the fridge!

We hit the New York Times on Christmas Day!

I've learned that quotations and facts often veer a little off track in print. This article follows that pattern, so I'd like to say that crediting the market's success with improving the park and the neighbourhood, while appreciated, is taking too short and narrow a view of our local history. We're fortunate to be part of the park that Jutta Mason and many extraordinary bakers, researchers and recreation staffers transformed through years of dedication and experimentation. As you may know, there have been big changes and challenges to their model of late, and we owe a debt of gratitude to those who keep working to make Dufferin Grove a special place in our community.

Come on over to enjoy the snowy park, the best local winter veggies in years, and much more. We're counting on your support.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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