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Weekly Market Notes for January 07, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

Welcome back! You'll find us inside the rinkhouse and garage, with hearty and delicious fare to restock your pantries and keep you in good cheer. Here's the news:

"I trust everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!! Time for all of us to get healthy for a month or so. Let's get started this Thursday. Lots of wonderful Greenfields grown produce here to help kick off 2010, 'The year of the Certified Organic Farmer'!! Super sweet Carrots (Orange/Purple), Celeriac, Rutabaga, Sunchokes, Red 'Lutz' Beets. This will be the last week for our Chiogga Beets, Golden Beets and Watermelon Radish; so come early! Other Ontario produce available will be Garlic ( last week for local ), Parsnip, Yams and Winter Squash. A great selection of greens including Red/Green Chard, Red/Green Kale, Collards, Romaine, Parsley, Cilantro, Spinach and more. A nice display of fruit to round it all off. See you there," Mark

Sosnickis' news: "This new year promises a few new things along with old favourites. I'm happy to announce that Ben has decided to pull out all the stops and grow the best sweet corn we can manage!! Sweet corn takes a lot of land, the return is not that great and bug infestations are always a struggle. And it will be 'August' corn, the way sweet corn always was until conventional guys began using treated seed and planting early without the seed rotting (therefore 'early corn'); we wait until the soil is warm to seed. We will have the last of our celery this week. We now understand how to hold this crop over and will do more for next year! Our supply of cooking onions looks fair, but our sweet Spanish are almost gone. I will be sorting through the hampers of tomatoes and am sure to find a few to head to Dufferin! Sweet carrots and all sizes of beets will be plentiful, along with celeriac too. Cabbage is a constant, and our potatoes, well let's just say we have enough to sell plus enough to seed the new crop! Very happy with our potato storage for sure. We are charging $1/lb to maintain a fair balance compared to retail stores selling Cert. Organic potatoes, so it is definitely stew season!! Potato-cheddar and sauerkraut perogies are plentiful. Due to my crew practicing Ukrainian Christmas, I'm behind using the kitchen, but fresh sauerkraut will be made by month's end, and for sale in February." Jessie

The Akiwenzies report: "We won't be able to make Dufferin this week. It has been too cold here to go fishing and we pulled our gear out of the water till this deep freeze moves on. The boat motor and gears are not appreciating the cold. Hopefully by Thursday we will be back to normal but we will need to wait and see. Wish we could share some of our snow with you. Hope to see you next week." Natasha and Andrew

Deer Valley will be absent. "We look forward to being there next week with fresh venison." Irene

The Park Bakers are excited to be back in action and as they glide by, skaters have been enjoying the aroma from the wood-fired ovens. Friday night supper will feature some fine market ingredients, as always.

In other news, below are excerpts from a letter by farmer Michael Schmidt, who will be in court here again later this month:

Dear Friends and Farm Share members,
January 21 2010 at 9 am will finally come the decision by the court if you are allowed to drink your own milk.
Since it is affecting you personally so much I sincerely count on you, that you will be there at the court house to be part of this process. It is VERY important because lots of press will be there and we will be once again the focus of the entire raw milk movement in North America. So lets show the world how strong we are. Remember even if you think you cannot afford to take a day off. Think about it in the scope of things it will be crucial to understand the historical implication, IF we do not come together and stand united. A lot of people and especially the Government will watch what will happen. That will make a big difference.
Bring as many kids as possible, bring your grandma, bring your grandpa, your uncle and aunt, bring your friends and neighbours, bring all those who are concerned about food freedom and personal rights. Let's have a wonderful rally, Let's celebrate 3 years of successful resistance. Let's celebrate 3 years of continuous flow of THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS. Let's show our determination, that together we will continue without fear to uphold our basic rights.
David Gumpert the author of the newly released book The Raw Milk Revolution is flying in from the US to watch the proceedings. He will do also a book signing and will give us a brief update about his research regarding the raw milk movement in North America.
Please let's get to work mark your calender and phone as many people you can.

Warm regards Michael (still your farmer with a passion.)

If you are interested in receiving further information, contact Judith McGill: jlmcgill (at)

Looking forward to wishing you and our farmers and vendors a Very Happy 2010!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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