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Weekly Market Notes for July 17, 2008

Hello Market Friends:

Great food ahead. More saskatoon berries this week from Forbes Wild Foods, it's prime time for pesto made from Ted Thorpe's basil, Chocosol will keep you cool with summer drinks, and the market's many cooks will be happy to keep your kitchen cool by making your dinner. Here's more:

Some of the specialties of Best Baa fall into our market's best kept secrets category. With a new baby and a dairy cooperative to look after as well as their own sheep to care for, it's not surprising that Peter and Nicole don't always write for the market news. If you haven't made it past the ice cream to explore their cheeses lately, you're in for some wonderful and surprising tastes. "Brigitte", one of their "new" cheeses (but really the well-aged result of lots of effort) merits the kind of language usually reserved for wine: bright opening flavour, followed by mellow cheesiness and a long, intriguing finish...okay, maybe my future isn't in gourmet writing, but it has to be experienced! Their lamb is outstanding, too.

From the Sosnickis: An abundance of fresh dug Yukon Golds this week and some reds, lots of the large sweet Spanish onions, and still a pile of sweet shelling peas and some snow peas too. Cucumbers, yellow and green zucchini, broccoli, chard, basil and parsley to round off our July tables along with a 'tomato teaser' - a few slicing, roma and heirlooms. Don't worry for all that don't get a first taste, in two weeks I promise to flood the market with a sea of tomatoes!! Plants loving this heat and fruit sizing up beautifully. Saw a baby watermelon yesterday! Jessie.

From Monika of Greenfields: Yellow Beets are back! Come early to get these golden wonders as well as the Dark Red regulars! Lots of tender Black and Green Kale. The Collards are really holding up well in the heat- the best they have been in years! Red and Golden Chards, Parsley, and Spring Mix are also fresh and healthy. The crew is busy today planting tons of stuff out in the fields to make sure we have a plentiful, diverse harvest for the Fall! Those sweet delicious Spitzkraut (Pointy Cabbages) will be along next week if not this one. See you there!.

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm: Summer sausage chubbs are ready and will be available this week along with fresh, nicely aged cuts of venison.

From Beretta Farms: This week will be Serena's last official week at the Market! She is busy getting things ready for her maternity leave and has LOTS of office work to do before she sets off on her new journey. Paul will be taking over and will be able to help you find the delicious meats you love. Serena will be stopping in every now and again to shop and say hello. She will miss everyone and can't wait to start up again after the baby is born. Any special requests for the market can still be emailed to Serena or called at 416 674 5609 ex 223.

We will miss Serena, too, whose consistent good cheer and ability to make pregnancy look like the world's best beauty treatment are much admired.

More great press about our market celebrities this week! This time it's a story on Angelos and Linda's heirloom tomatoes. Here's the link:

A note from Linda: "Unfortunately the tomatoes aren't ripening as fast as customers would like but we just picked some beauties, some of the large blacks, old Russian Heirloom varieties. Dufferin is the first market to get these beauties, and they are oh so good, just had some for dinner.

See you at the market!


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