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Weekly Market Notes for July 25, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

If you're a vegetable gardener, this is the time of year when a brief distraction from harvests can result in finding zucchini the size of thighs lounging under the leaves. We used to wear out graters preparing batches of zucchini muffins, zucchini loaf, and triple chocolate zucchini cake, and then move on to slicing up tomatoes, garlic and basil for nightly zucchini fry-ups. Still, there would be always be a wood-tough monster lying on the back shelf, waiting for someone to accept that it should be caber-tossed over the fence. No monsters at Dufferin: the pros at the market harvest them for us at the perfect stage, tender and beautiful for grilling or slicing into ribbons to marinate.

While I'm slicing, I'm going to try replicating the "Beet Carpaccio" I enjoyed in a restaurant recently, super thin rounds of beets tossed in a lemony basil dressing and scattered with shavings of hard cheese and lots of freshly ground black pepper. It's a great time for vegetables, and fruit, too! Best news of the week is that peaches will be rolling in. There should still be some apricots, too, but don't delay, as theirs is a short and oh-so-sweet season.

Knuckle Down Farm news: "The last of the peas and the first of the beans will be coming to market this week. There will also be lots of colourful summer squash and swiss chard, herbs (including cilantro this time) a few of the very first eggplants and cucumbers of all shapes and sizes. I would also like to report that I ate my first ripe field tomato today!" Jenny Cook

Denzil of Exact Edge will be in attendance for all your sharpening needs, and we expect Growing Spaces (Blythe, Adam and Sebastian) and Andrew Akiwenzie to be back, too.

Ed and Dawn of Evelyn's Crackers will be away attending the 2013 Kneading Conference and Artisan Bread Fair in Maine (check it out, it's a wonderful world), and Bashir (My Little Dumplings) will be absent as he's volunteering his skills at the Black Creek Community Farm for their Growing Change Field Supper.

At 4:00 there will be folktales for kids with Sage Tyrtle and Donna Dudinsky, and we should have some lovely music, too.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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