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Weekly Market Notes for July 31, 2008

Hello Market Friends: Arie the long-time garden volunteer at the park says he´s never seen morning glory leaves as big as the ones that are climbing over the little bake oven, from all of this rain. Here´s the latest news from the farms:

From Monika at Greenfields Farm: That BIG rain keeps coming. Its challenging to get the weeding and planting done with the soggy ground, but the dark Greens are sure growing well! So are the Spring Mix and the Purple Scallions. Fresh Garlic is in- we have been harvesting the last few days and the greenhouse is packed-full of drying aromatic bulbs! We'll have those sweet "Torpedo" cabbages again, as well. Lots more to check out including sweet baby Beets! See you there!

From Irene at Deer Valley: I will have a special venison treat (on the grill at tomorrow’s market) made with Ted Thorpe’s Cinnamon Basil.

From the Dufferin Grove Bakers: Some customers may have noticed that the cornmeal sourdough recipe has changed over the last couple of weeks--we are adding twice the cornmeal which makes the loaf wonderfully dense and subtly sweet. Give it a try and tell us what you think!

See you at the market!


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