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Weekly Market Notes for July 04, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

I am away on holiday and missed the deluge entirely, so I send my condolences to all of you who are in soggy Toronto. The weatherman promises a vast improvement in time for the market, so I hope you will enjoy restocking the fridge and swapping storm tales with friends and neighbours. Excellent food is coming in! Andrew Akiwenzie will be down with fresh and smoked fish, Linda and Angelos are excited to be bringing the first of their heirloom tomatoes, Debbie Wiecha has more cherries and raspberries and bunches of tall lavender 'Grosso', and that's just a start. We are hitting prime time for veggies, so you can look forward to plenty of gorgeous greens, plus colourful beets, patty pan summer squash, peas, beans, hopefully a few carrots, and fresh herbs to make everything extra-delicious. If you're still cleaning up at home, let the park cooks and vendors make dinner for you; we've got something for every taste.

Enjoy the market! Anne Freeman

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