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Weekly Market Notes for June 20, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

Since Friday will be the longest day of the year, this market falls on summer's eve. Come and gather up a celebratory feast of sweet fresh flavours of the new season!

Beautiful news from Ali of the Fish Shak; they will be making delicious steamed fish sandwiches with Akiwenzies' fish, strawberry chutney to go with their fritters, and blending up strawberry smoothies too. Now that is one happy meal.

Shared Harvest is coming on up! Kevin says they've had a sloooww start , but they are ready to return. And Helga is coming on down, too, from Pine River, with fresh peas, asparagus, and strawberries.

“This week at the market, Earth & City will be offering a start-of-summer flavour in our regular items. Garlic scapes from Woolerdale Farm are in our pestos, along with Fresh Herb Hummus from the farm as well. Thanks to Sosnicki Organics for the strawberries and fresh greens for our smoothies we make on site. If it's hot enough, we'll also have our Fresh Mint Lemonade, made with the mint from our own urban garden! Hope to see you!” Cassandra

Sosnickis' news: “Strawberry city!! Our own berries are fantastic this year! We will have bulk berries in baskets (3 quart amount) for freezing and jam as well as oodles of quarts of the big beauties!! Bunches of our Beets, Mini Lettuces, large Lettuces & Garlic Scapes coming too!!”Jess & Ben

Berettas' hot dogs have not been available for some time at the park, and they've been hearing from people who miss them, so this week Nick and Sandy are firing up the barbeque and grilling some for sale. Stop on by!

An exciting sneak preview from Debbie Wiecha of Niagara Lavender: “Good news ....the raspberries are starting to ripen and the lavender is starting to show a hue of purple....I am so excited about this year's harvest....I hope to have some by next week.”

Ever wonder what asparagus harvesting looks like? At Woolerdale, they have a specially set up tractor with seats for a team of three expert cutters. Ann tweaks the steering now and then, while all three women slice fast as the stems go by under the slowly moving tractor, and toss the asparagus into bins. It's not for amateurs! This might be the last week for their tasty asparagus this year.

Starting at 4, accomplished storytellers Sage Tyrtle and Donna Dudinsky will be coming to tell folk tales to children of all ages. Look for them 'down in the valley'. Hannah Naiman and Liz Groeneveld will be playing some lovely tunes for us, too, so we hope you can stay a while.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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