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Weekly Market Notes for June 30, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Bring your bags and buggies and load up for a lovely long weekend, we're going to have a beautiful selection.
Here's my Canadian flag themed suggestion for July 1 breakfast: red, red strawberries (from Ted Thorpe's cousin) with creamy white yogurt (from Best Baa) and of course a patriotic amount of maple syrup (from Forbes Wild Foods). Might need some for lunch, too....

No morels from Forbes Wild Foods this week, but lots of fresh sea asparagus!

Sosnickis' contribution: "We're coming to the city this week with the first trickle of field Beets, lots of big bunches of Kale, lots of Lettuces, PEAS, peas and more peas! Also we have Garlic Scapes that have to move! Ben will be selling bulk for a great price to encourage some raw scape pesto makin'! Will be sending the recipe cards with him to give out to all!! Fields are very weedy- thankful our workers arrive tomorrow night! Now some serious field work will get done!" Jess & Ben


  • RIB EYE STEAKS - Great time to stock up for summer bbq's
  • 'Naturally Raised' Nitrite-free ALL BEEF HOT DOGS

Lots of fresh greens, good coffee, ice cream, mushrooms, beautiful blooms, sweet buns, rotis, crepes and burritos, tofu, honey, eggs and olive oil, jam....Got your list?

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. In Park News:
Sunday, July 3, 2 - 4 pm
Naturalization Project at Dufferin Grove Park, Workshop and Planting Session Come and join the Dufferin Grove Park Gardening Club this Sunday for a hands-on workshop about naturalized gardens. We will be discussing their value and relevance in the urban environment while we plant a variety of native grasses and wildflowers in a small garden that we hope will become a haven for pollinators, birds and other wildlife on the north side of the hockey rink. Tools, gloves, snacks, and drinks provided.
For more info go to the Gardens page.

And in City News:
Tuesday at City Hall, the Government Management Committee voted in a tie to accept or dismiss the local food procurement policy as presented in a staff report. The tie (not a loss) means it goes to Council's next meeting July 12 & 13 for decision. If you think Toronto should have a buy-local policy, the Toronto Environmental Alliance has started a petition, or for more information, write to "Darcy Higgins, Food Forward" <>

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