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Weekly Market Notes for June 09, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

We've got some wonderful and surprising flavours at this moment, distinct from those of any other time of year. It's a treat as each arrives, and some are here for only a short visit, so catch them while you can.

Don't miss this delicacy: morel mushrooms from Forbes Wild Foods! The star of many classic recipes (or dazzling simply sauteed in butter with cream on pasta), they are a wild treasure that appears only when conditions are right.

Down the way at Fun Guy Farm's table, a cultivated but no less exotic cousin has been putting in an appearance: the Lion's Mane, also delicious, and a contender in any mushroom beauty pageant.

From Sandra Dombi of Kind Organics: "I just want to let everyone know that we have a NEW and exciting type of greens available starting this week. They are called "Petite Greens" and they are larger than "Microgreens" but smaller than baby greens. These are cultivated for over 30 days until they reach their true leaf stage and then the whole plant is harvested and packaged. They are full of flavour and substantial enough to really excite a salad. All "Petite Greens" are certified organic and have 3 years of history behind them so please ask if you want to hear the story...
We will have 3 types of blends to sell on Thursday. Come out and try them. We will also have lots of pre-washed salad greens with more than 20 types of lettuce greens in each, and a limited supply of Earth Blend, so get there early before they sell out. We are also happy to welcome back "Baby Swiss Chard", "Arugula", and "FIRE Blend" to our line-up. Thank you sun for drying the fields enough for us to plant for a summer harvest! And THANK YOU to everyone who came out last week to the market!!"

Greenfields will be sending their asparagus in with Ted Thorpe, and staying on the farm this week, but returning next with new crops. All our growers are working their hardest to get work done in the fields between rains. It's a challenging year, for sure. The Sosnickis have had to delay their return by one more week to plant, but promise to be back next time....

Urban Harvest still has a good selection of plants to add to your garden or windowsill, and Under Ground Organics will have gorgeous bouquets.

Late-breaking news: The Akiwenzies won’t be able to come due to all the recent storms, and Pine River (Helga) had to cancel as the farm is without power today.

We will have some special visitors: Greenpeace is setting up an info. table, and a musical ensemble from St. Mary's High School (our park neighbours) will be performing this week and next from 3-4:30, weather permitting.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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