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Weekly Market Notes for March 14, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

Sap's running! The annual miracle inside the sugar maples is happening. In my family tradition, maple syrup goes on/in: Johnny cake, grapefruit, pancakes, milk porridge, maple cream pie, smoothies, waffles, baked beans, and is eaten by the spoonful as spring medicine. Seth (Forbes Wild Foods) and Blythe (Growing Spaces) can fill you in on how this season is going, and supply you with the good stuff. Seems to be a good year shaping up for syrup producers.

Ted Thorpe will be keeping us fed in this transition season: Ben and 'Jessie Sosnicki need to get all ready on the farm in time for their baby's arrival (very exciting!), so Ben will drop off cabbages for Ted to sell. Lorenz Eppinger, our pal from Greenfields, still has some of his fine carrots and other root vegetables in cold storage, so we're hoping Ted will have those on his table as well. Thanks Ted!

The Akiwenzies' Community Supported Fishery (CSF) needs your support, and Natasha and Andrew are working hard to tailor the plans based on the feedback they are receiving from customers. A new option is emerging: FISHY BUCKS. What are those? They're vouchers you purchase now, to be traded for the same dollar value in fish (smoked, fresh or frozen) later. Why buy them? Because committing your support now means that the fish you love can get to market this season! Some customers are not certain they can manage a full share, or want customized orders, or will be away sometimes, so the FISHY BUCKS will allow the maximum flexibility possible. Andrew will have more information at the market.

From Kind Organics: "Well, we have been blessed with another nice week which means we have more spinach, kale, Fire Blend (Spicy Salad Blend) and other new yummy greens. But don't worry, we still have those lovely sprout salads that you are used to from months of cold weather. I also bottled some new batches of Kombucha this week!" Sandra and Tamas

Thanks to Daylight Savings, sunset this Thursday is at 7:23, so no more packing up in the dark for the vendors (until fall, that is).

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. My good friend (Cookie) Roscoe Handford from The Stop's Green Barns Market sent round the link to an inspiring video about a vision for the future of the Pickering airport lands as a rich land reserve which could be dedicated to small-scale sustainable farming, so close to Toronto: I've been corresponding with filmmaker Bill Lishman since then, and will keep you posted as things begin to unfold, because there may soon be a moment when we should all shout LET'S DO THIS from the rooftops.

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