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Weekly Market Notes for May 14, 2015

Hello Market Friends:

When I stopped by today, bakers Michael and Heidrun were busy preparing for market day in the glorious green park. Heidrun has been trying a new rye-spelt sourdough recipe in small batches, and would like to cut up a loaf for bread enthusiasts (and curmudgeonly critics) to taste before deciding whether to make bigger batches of it in the coming weeks. If you consider yourself a member of either category of taste-testers, you're invited!

Recently I received a note from Yo Utano, another of the many good people who have baked park bread for us lucky eaters over the years. While her note isn't exactly 'market news', I want to share it with you, and recommend exploring the link to see some wonderful images:

"A good friend of mine (Frederik VanOudenhoven) has just published a book about food and culture in the Pamir mountains. Frederik did his masters at York during which he came to the market for vegetables and bread. He had been working on the book for five years since an old woman asked him to document her recipes so she could pass it down to her children. I've read/heard pieces of it over the past years and am proud and jealous that he was doing it. This is what I want to be doing! I'm actually doing something along the same line here in the island. I hang out with people in their 70s or 80s, hear how they lived when things were scarce and document it. It's very exciting and sad at the same time. Their skills, knowledge, and stories will be lost when they go and I can see it coming. But it's fun. A lot of them are still in a good shape and funny.

Here's the link to the publisher's page.

A few highlights this week:

Blythe from Spade & Spoon called from the field to say she's harvesting rhubarb to bring, not an endless supply, but a good number of bunches.

Here's hoping that Dawn Woodward has plenty of rhubarb in the Evelyn's Crackers kitchen, because they return to Dufferin this week, and Dawn's Buckwheat-Red Fife Rhubarb Muffins are SO delicious. If there are still people out there who think baking made with whole grains is just for health nuts, these muffins will turn their heads around. There will be lots of other good things (including crackers) on the Evelyn's table, too.

Pine River Organic Farm had some complications last week and didn't make it to market, but called to say they're harvesting asparagus and spinach as well as other fresh spring items to bring this time.

To make the day even more beautiful, Sas Long of Floralora will be back with spring blooms!

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

Vendors this week:

  • Akiwenzies Fish (fresh, frozen and smoked Georgian Bay fish)
  • Alli Harris (fish sandwiches, fritters, hemp pesto, beverages)
  • Bees Universe (honey and bee products)
  • Beretta Farms (organic and naturally raised meats)
  • Best Baa (sheep's milk, cheeses and yogurt)
  • ChocoSol (coffee and chocolate)
  • Country Meadows (olives, oil, eggs, cheese, vegetable and herb seedlings)
  • Culture City (fermented condiments, tempehs, gluten-free pasta)
  • DeFloured (gluten-free baking)
  • Dufferin Park Bakers (wood-fired oven breads, soups,and snacks)
  • Earth and City (raw foods, smoothies)
  • Evelyn's Crackers (baking made from ON whole grains)
  • Floralora (fresh farm-grown cutflowers)
  • Forbes Wild Foods (wild leeks, dried mushrooms, nuts, maple syrup, preserves)
  • Gro4 Organics (worm castings and soil mixes)
  • JK Fries (freshly made french fries with assorted mayos)
  • Kind Organics (sprouts, salad mixes, teas, chocolate)
  • Knuckle Down Farm (organic vegetables)
  • Marvellous Edibles (organic vegetables, Berkshire pork, baking)
  • Pine River Organic Farm (organic vegetables)
  • Plan B (organic fruits and veggies)
  • Spade & Spoon (jams, pickles, soups, maple syrup)
  • Tapioca Gourmet (gluten-free Brazilian pancakes with seasonal fillings)
  • Urban Harvest (plants, seeds, body care, soil amendments)
  • VQA Wine (Southbrook Vineyards this week)
  • Wildlife Gardening (native species perennials and shrubs)
  • Ying Ying Soy (tofus and miso from ON organic soybeans)

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