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Weekly Market Notes for May 30, 2013

Hello Market Friends:

After all the good rain and nitrogen-fixing thunder, the heat is coming on strong, and we will be celebrating amazing growing weather at Dufferin this Thursday. It's hard to believe that Jenny Cook just wrote to say she had two nights of frost up at Knuckledown Farm! The cold slowed her plans down a little, but she might make it to market next week.

Welcome back to Plan B, with green garlic and good stuff for salads, their own soups and sauerkraut, plus tasty locally made tortillas, chips and pasta. We're also happy to see the return of Evelyn's Crackers, supplying us with local-grain crackers, flours, biscuits and granola.

Hungry but don't want to cook? Time for supper from the market!

Bashir Munye of My Little Dumplings will be starting off his season at Dufferin with three kinds of dumplings: organic edamame, organic potato with homemade ketchup, and organic "chicken pad thai ". He'll be serving mushroom and brown rice miso soup as well. We'll also have:

  • tortillas right off the grill from ChocoSol,
  • cool drinks, hot rotis and fish sandwiches from Fish Shak,
  • vegan burgers, dogs and salads from Brixton Grill,
  • Park Kitchen soups, salads and snacks,
  • veggie wraps and high-energy smoothies from Earth & City,
  • galettes and treats from DeFloured,
  • and lots of other delights.

Ted promises more bok choy and other greens, Woolerdale and Pine River should have lots of asparagus, Blythe will bring more rhubarb, Kind Organics will make salads a breeze, and there's lots for the barbeque from Berettas and Field Sparrow. Still plenty of plants from Urban Harvest and Country Meadows to add to your garden too. Sounds like a great weekend shaping up to me.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Happenings at the park:

The Children's Storefront is hosting its June fundraiser dinner at the park this Friday evening from 5:30-7:30pm. Dinner will be served by the big bake oven, and all are welcome. Adults portions will be $7, kids meals are $2.50, with dessert extra.The menu includes: Pork tinga tacos or potato-kale enchiladas with pipian verde, both served with rice, beans, salsa and green salad. For kids, we'll have Beretta's organic hotdogs and mac and cheese. Dessert will be cream cheese brownies.

Saturday-Sunday: The annual Dufferin Grove Clothing Swap.

June 1st and 2nd from 10am-2pm

For those who don't know the shtick: you bring your washed,

  • unwanted,
  • too small,
  • too large,
  • never been worn,
  • Why did I buy this?

clothes to the Dufferin Grove Rink House on Saturday June 1st, you get 1 ticket per item. Then on Sunday June 2nd you return to 'purchase' fabulous clothes with your tickets!

It is that easy.

This year we are also accepting donations to help support in maintaining our fabulous Cob Courtyard, which houses the summertime, pool-side cafe.

The Cob Wall was originally built as a community arts project, with over 500 men, women and children contributing to the project in 2005. Check out the history of the cob here on

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