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Weekly Market Notes for May 4, 2006

Dear park friends,

I'm sending this instead of market manager Anne Freeman because Anne left for Los Angeles this afternoon, to attend a three-day farmers' market conference. This trip is sponsored by FoodShare, which in turn got a grant from the Ford Foundation and the Kellogg Foundation, to work on expanding farmers' markets into new neighbourhoods. Anne has also been working on that project -- among (many) other things, helping a market in Etobicoke get established.

Before she left today, Anne sent this e-mail to the market vendors:

Congratulations to all of you. In the Health category for the Green Toronto Awards, we received the highest support from the judges, meaning that we won $5,000 to give to the (registered charitable) environmental group of our choice. The judges were very excited about the urban-rural connections that the market encourages, the focus on sustainability and of course, healthy food. Bruno and Paula will show you the big framed certificate at the market.

Anne received the award yesterday, along with mushroom farmers Bruno Pretto and Paula Vosni (who applied for it on behalf of the market), and Mary Lou from Beretta's. Park friend Wallie Seto appeared by surprise with his camera, Sarah Harmer sang, and there was lots of excitement. A good day! And now for the food news:

From Alvaro of Plan B Organics:

This week for market we'll have lots more of the yummy apples and cider we've been bringing. We'll also have some of our first green garlic along with lots of local leeks and salad greens. Some nice imported fruits and veggies to round it out and hopefully the sun stays shining, but for the growers out there, we'll need the whole city to start a rain dance soon. Most of the countryside is dry.We've got about ten acres already planted this season! Miles ahead of a rain soaked and freezing spring last year.

From Mary Lou of Beretta's:

The special for the month of May from Beretta Organic Farms:

  1. Blade steaks 4.69
  2. Inside round roast 7.89
  3. Eye of round steak 6.99
  4. Pork back ribs 9.99
  5. Turkey boneless breast 11.99
  6. Turkey franks nitrite free 7.49

From Irene of Deer Valley Farm:

If you get hungry while at the market…we’ll be serving 100% pure venison burgers on a freshly baked bun. Now that the weather is so great…why not grill up some venison at home? It’s quick & easy…cooks up in less time (about 2/3) than other meats. See for more information on nutritional benefits, cooking guidelines, recipes & Elk Velvet Antler capsules & pure Emu Oil that we have available at all times.

From Angelos of Country Meadows:

Please remind my customers who purchased eggs to return the empty egg crates. I have eggs but no crates to put them in, so if anyone has extra crates, please bring them to me at the market

See you at the market, (and if it rains, so much the better for the plants)


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