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Weekly Market Notes for May 07, 2009

Hello Market Friends, We've Got Lots of Spring News:

From Lorenz Eppinger: It's a typical spring at Greenfields with precious little dry opportunities to plant and work the fields between torrential downpours and thunder storms. Nonetheless we've managed to get a large amount of transplants out. Last Saturday I came back from the fields in a thunderstorm to find our greenhouse cover flapping high in the air, coming awfully close to unrooting the entire structure and blowing it away. At the end the plastic cover, which is due for replacement anyways, took a serious beating but the structure held up. Closer to Milton a greenhouse did blow away at another farm.

We expect to have the following from the farm this week: Asparagus (very limited amount), Rhubarb (lots), Salsify (last picking of the spring season), Chives (enough for all of Toronto if not the GTA), Sunchokes (freshly dug and more than plenty as always).

Forbes Wild Foods is very pleased to announce that we will be bringing fresh Wild Fiddleheads and Wild Leeks to the market!

The Fiddleheads (which are wild, not cultivated) were sustainably harvested from Springwater Township, which is less than 100 miles from Toronto

The Wild Leeks were sustainably harvested by a First Nations group in the Georgian Bay area, also within 100 miles of Toronto.

We’ll be selling the Fiddleheads for $7 / lb, and the Wild Leeks for $10 / lb. If anyone is interested in placing an order in advance, they can either email us (mailto: or give us a call (416-927-9106) and we can put their order together to be picked up at the market. We will also have both of these items at next week’s market (May 14th), if someone can’t make it down this time.

For interested gardeners, we will have a few Wild Garlic plants at the Market. They are wildcrafted plants from the Noisy River Valley, and grew in ground that has never been sprayed. Meg and Seth

From Country Meadows Gardens: With the weather warming up nicely, I will be bringing a good selection of plants this week. I will also bring a few more bags of our potting soil mixture. Angelos

From Sosnickis: Ben will be bringing lots of our own peppery arugula, Asian greens, green leaf lettuces, cabbages, frozen sauerkraut & compost. We have planted our zucchini, and have plants left over, so we have both yellow and green zuc plants available. More cherry tomatoes & gorgeous garden boxes available too! Jessie.

From Beretta Farms: I'll be bringing packs of turkey kielbossa for $5.75/package. The packages are a little more than half a pound, each. Don't forget to check Berettas' website for May specials, which I'll also be bringing (beef braising ribs, frozen skirt steak, and smoked pork sausage). Lindsey

Nujima Living Foods is pleased to announce that we will be back this Thursday. We will be serving more raw food treats and drinks this year incorporating foods from the other vendors. The first creation for Thursday will be slices of Raw Mango Pie. This delicious delight will wake up your taste buds and put a smile on your face. Also, we are carrying two local raw superfoods. The first is Gluten-Free Raw Oat Groats (sproutable), and the second is Organic Grape Skin Flour (great for smoothies or baking in bread, also gluten free). Another new product available is Coconut Sugar. This is made from the flower nectar of the coconut tree. The benefit of this sugar is that it is low on the glycemic index coming in at 30 while regular cane sugar is 100. Great for those watching their glycemic intake."

From Deer Valley: We will have a great selection of cuts of fresh venison this week. Burger patties are available (2 per package) for the BBQ season. Irene & Tony

If you'd like a little armchair farm visit, Laura Sabourin's website is full of photos of the lovely spring blossoms in the orchard and forest at Feast of Fields.

The supply of many new crop items will fluctuate a lot week to week for the next while, but we hope you'll enjoy everything that's coming in fresh and green. When there's lots, buy extra (chives store very well chopped and bagged in the freezer!) and when the weather says wait another week (more asparagus soon!), please be patient. Our market farmers really appreciate your support.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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