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Weekly Market Notes for November 03, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

Get your tastebuds ready, we will have apple cider this week. This classic fall delight is fresh-pressed specially for us at Bousfields Organic Orchard and brought in by Plan B. I only learned recently that getting the cider ready for us often involves working into the wee hours of Thursday morning. If you want it fresher, you'll need your own orchard!

We have an endless supply of beautiful subjects for photographers at the market (including our customers, of course), but sometimes it's important to pay a little attention to the uglies, like celery root. These are never glamorous, but they will taste so fine added to soups and stews, grated in salads or mashed with potatoes that you will fall in love with them, and we've got lots this year, on the tables of Greenfields and Sosnickis Organic Farms.

"This week deFloured has both curried beef and traditional chicken pot pie. The meat is from Field Sparrow Farms and most of the vegetables are from the farmers at this market. You can order a frozen unbaked six pack with a week's notice at the market or by sending an email a day before. Baked singles are always available. Vegetable pot pies to come!" Krista Email:

Beretta November Specials: Boneless Chicken Breasts, Salami, Honey Garlic Sausages

Shane Eby sends news that the "Hopfen" (hops) farms he's researching are great in Bavaria and Poland (and the beer is nice and fresh) but the markets have a lot of resellers. Bio and Demeter farms are part of the mix too, though. He's off to Czech land next. We're hoping we can organize a slideshow and small fundraiser for him (maybe including some local hop products) when he returns. If you've got ideas for a venue, drop me a line at

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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