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Weekly Market Notes for October 25, 2012

Hello Market Friends:

Not only is it going to be the nicest day in the forecast, but this week we have extra treats for you!

Florian Alecu, brother in the Bees Universe family, has been telling me for a while about the Transylvanian Chimney Cakes he likes to make, and now they're ready to test--on you--at the market. If the name alone isn't enough to make you rush on over, wait til you see him prepare them! They're made with all natural ingredients, as fully organic as possible, glazed in honey, and then dusted with nuts, cinnamon or coconut. Oh Yum.

Knuckle Down news: "Halloween is around the corner so I will make room for a few pumpkins on my table this week. Just remember they taste as good as they look! More frost sweetened greens and carrots too." Jenny

And continuing our Pumpkin Theme, Krista and Chris of DeFloured have promised to keep making those incredibly light and delicious pumpkin tarts (generous-sized, but not quite big enough to share if you ask me) and Ali will have more of his delectable pumpkin fritters. Adding to the excitement, Beretta Farms has asked to bring pumpkin pies this week! They are branching out into more prepared meals (believe it or not, watch for items from the Beretta kitchen at Pearson Airport soon) so they grew a big garden on the farm this season.

When you've had enough sweets, or while you're waiting for that to happen, try Ming's new kimchi at the Ying Ying Soy Foods table. Spicy and good! Kevin Hamilton of Shared Harvest will be busy making fermented foods like kimchi as well in the coming weeks. As well as a way to preserve crops post-growing season, they are great additions to a healthy diet.

The Sosnickis' are super-busy finishing up in the fields, but still found time to send a list: "Ben and I will have all the fall faves: Beets, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Kale, Onions, Leeks, different kinds of Potatoes, Cabbages, Garlic and awesome, fresh, sweet Spinach!!" Jess & Ben

Stock up on olives, oil, and your favourite cheeses, in a short while Angelos will be making his annual trek to Greece for the olive harvest and will miss a few markets.

After a long absence, James Whetung rejoined us last week with his Black Duck Wild Rice, which grows near his home at Curve Lake. James may not be down every week, so catch up with him when you can.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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