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Weekly Market Notes for October 29, 2009

Hello Market Friends:

Another week of great fall food is in the forecast, with our market farmers' expertise in cooler weather crops showing in the broad selection of top-quality vegetables. We've got a full selection of roasting and stewing meats from Berettas, Best Baa, and Deer Valley for autumn recipes, and don't forget some hearty bread from The Park Bakers or Alli's Bakery to go with that! Now that I think of it, wouldn't a pie from Jacinthe (Artisan Pies and Preserves) be nice, too....

From the Sosnickis: "We are working very, very hard putting a large amount of storage veg away this fall! It's taking a long time but it will be well worth it come January, February and beyond at Dufferin for everyone! Ben will be bringing our leeks, carrots, beets, spinach, potatoes, tatsoi, celery, celeriac, cabbages, onions & pie pumpkins tomorrow! Brussels are not mass harvested yet, but looking great!" Jessie

"We think it’s time to take the chill out of these cooler days with an old favourite we’ve been getting requests for…venison chili. Deer Valley Farm venison will also be available this week." Tony and Irene

Nujima Living Foods will be absent this time.

If you like your baking gluten-free, you should know about the special flour that's used in the buns for Alli Harris's sandwiches. It's rice flour, but it's milled more times than usual to create the perfect texture, so the buns are lofty and satisfying.

Stock up on your favourite herbs and veggies from Shane of Under Ground Organics, as he'll wind up his market season soon.

October 27th's Globe and Mail reports on "DIY fungi" as a growing trend, and our very own Paula Vopni of Mycosource/Fun Guy Farm is quoted. Remember, you heard it here first folks! Bruno and Paula can supply you with everything you need to do a little mushroom ranching of your own.

Ryan Roberts, the neighbourhood real estate agent who gave away pumpkins at the park last week, has offered more free pumpkins for carving at the market this week. Time to get ready for Hallowe'en! Bring your kids or your own creativity and have some fun carving one to take home! Carving supplies will be set up from 3:30-6:00 or until we run out of pumpkins. For safety reasons, we ask that children are assisted and supervised by their adults.

See you at the market!


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