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Weekly Market Notes for October 06, 2011

Hello Market Friends:

We have an overflowing cornucopia of news about great food coming in, and interesting happenings, too. I can't keep it all in categories, so I hope you enjoy the mix of food and ideas which is, after all, a big part of our market!

Sosnickis' contribution: "New this week our Celeriac and some Brussel Sprouts! Due to demand, fresh dug 'Bigger Yukon Golds' for Mashing, along with Red/Golds, Fingerlings & Blues, excellent for roasting! Last 'big' week for Sweet Corn! She's got lotsa worms at the tips now, but still sweet cobs! Please do not toss a cob because of a worm--every cob will have one!! Just cut off the tip. Field Spinach, Cabbages galore, Sweet and Cooking Onions, Green Peppers, Sweet Red Peppers and Hot Peppers, big bunches of Beets, gorgeous Leeks & Kale! Perhaps some Apples for pie :) Ben and I will be giving 'Thanks' around the dinner table this weekend with a big feast with our Mexican men. Domingo, his brother Miguel & cousin Manuel are the reason Ben and I can offer such a plentiful amount of produce to Dufferin each week. They sacrifice 6 months of the year away from their families back in Chiapas to make money up here. We are very fortunate to have such amazing workers. You have never seen the likes of hand weeding until you experience the way these men work." Jess & Ben

Not many of our Dufferin market farms rely on migrant workers, but the reality is that there aren't enough Canadians who want to work on farms to meet the need (lots of discussion could be added here...) and unfortunately, instead of the appreciation and longstanding connections Jessie describes, many migrants encounter unfair treatment and hardships. Norman Liu, one of our market 'regulars', wrote to tell me about the recent Pilgrimage to Freedom Caravan organized by the group Justice for Migrant Workers. The campaign's slogan is Got food? Bought local? Thank a migrant farm worker! If you want to learn more about this organization and the issues, go to:
Or, if you want to experience just a bit of what it's like to work far from home for half the year, here's a beautiful short video to watch: "Hands That Harvest: Migrant Workers in Halton":
Along with thanks to these workers, at this harvest time I'd like to express gratitude to young Canadians who choose to farm--and the older ones who keep at it!

Back to what's on the menu:

Growing Spaces news: Blythe has been busy in the kitchen this week! Finally her fermented dill pickles are ready! Unarguably her favorite batch, these tangy pickles are a MUST for the pickle lover in your house. As well, she has made new batches of Apple Curry Chutney, Red Root Relish, Sweet Beets and Strawberry/ Rhubarb jam (low in sugar!). Blythe will also be bringing Fresh Apple/Pumpkin butter-- A lovely treat for this Thanksgiving weekend.

Forbes Wild Foods report: "We will have Paw Paws at Dufferin! We are also expecting to have fresh Hedgehog (Sweet Tooth) mushrooms, fresh Hen-of-the-Woods, Caulifower Mushrooms and even a few Blue Chanterelles."

We talked Laura (Feast of Fields) into coming one more time! They'll have grape juice, grapes, pears, apples, plums, figs, and cranberries from Bala.

You may not recognize Shane (of Under Ground Organics) when he isn't surrounded by flowers, but check out his great fall cooking and salad greens, herbs and veggies!

Helga (of Pine River Organic Farm) called to say they've got the peas picked, and will have bok choy, carrots and other goodies.

We don't expect the Akiwenzies this week due to high winds on Georgian Bay.

Six Awesome Thanksgiving Specials from Beretta:

  • Black Forest Ham
  • Cranberry Maple Sausages
  • Grass Fed Ground Beef ($10.50 p/pkg)
  • Whole Chickens ($4.08/lb)
  • Ground Turkey ($7.00 p/pkg)
  • Boneless Skin-on Turkey Breasts ($8.39/lb)

Eddie & Jessica's Organic Supper Club menu:

  • Goji Chia Granola (Local oats and maple syrup )
  • Tamari Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
  • Pumpkin Curry (Local pumpkin)
  • Spelt Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed Salad (Local Carrots, Parsley)
  • Kamut Pasta Salad (Local eggplant)
  • 5 Layered Fiesta Dip (Local Tomatoes, Garlic, Onions )
  • Summer Fresh Quinoa Salad (Quebec Cucumbers, Local potatoes, sweet potatoes)
  • Spicy Moroccan Stew (Local Sweet Potatoes, Green Beans)

Our two happy Welcome Back Draw market bucks winners are Dora Cotterell and David Keshen.

And finally, a delightful announcement from Rachel, Leslie and Anna B of the (wonderful) park staff:
Presentation and Q&A with Solitary Bee Researcher Scott MacIvor - 5 pm by the Bake Oven
Scott MacIvor, a PhD student at York University who is doing groundbreaking research on the effects of the urban environment on cavity-nesting solitary bees has been using Dufferin Grove Park as one of his research sites this past summer, by installing a bee condo in one of the more secluded, naturalized gardens within the park. He will be at the park this Thursday, October 6 to take down his bee condo and give a presentation about his research. This informal talk hopefully will enrich peoples' knowledge of the rich diversity of pollinator life in the city and the park itself. Honeycake will be served to those who attend. For more details about this research study see:
Wishing you and yours full tables and glad hearts this Thanksgiving.
See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Events to know about:
The Planet in Focus film festival is on from October 12-16 and the theme is "Landscapes".
Foodstock, a massive event presented by over 80 of Canada's best chefs in solidarity with the movement to stop the Mega Quarry, is coming up October 16 in Honeywood, Ontario. Be there, history is in the making:
"Milkwar" Film Screening at The Theatre Centre by the West End Food Co-op, with Michael Schmidt in attendance, October 20:

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