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Weekly Market Notes for September 14, 2006

Hello Market Friends:

It's a time of many preparations as we get ready for fall events(most notably our own Tasting Fair on October first), the upcoming "transition season" move onto the mud-free, well lit surfaces of the rink (and maybe basketball court, given this year's schedule of park construction projects), and our eventual, reluctant move indoors.

Week by week, people continue to discover the market. Last Thursday, after hearing about us on CBC Radio, a friendly neighbour, Eileen, who has lived on Rusholme since 1917 came for the first time! While it's exciting to see so much support for our vendors, I'll admit to some anxiety over the winter ahead. We've grown, but our buildings haven't! We're thinking about awnings, tents with walls, rubber mats for underfoot, anything that will allow more vendors to keep coming into the colder weather and prevent impossible "traffic jams" inside. If anyone out there has good ideas to share, we really need to hear from you!

There's lots of news from the vendors this week, and some good park news, too:

From Plan B:

"We'll be bringing some yams and other fruits plus lots of apples and maybe the last of our tomatoes! Though some bits will still make it in, the warm fields are done with the cool rain, but the fall greens are just starting to get there for us, some five acres worth.

We'll also be bringing more ground cherries and tons of our own beans! Picked fresh today by some fresh workers in the fresh drizzle. We'll have a generous supply of zucchini but believe the cucumbers have had their day. That's just the way it is..."


From Greenfields:

"A vast amount of fresh produce coming from Greenfields this week. Nice bunches of Red Beets with tops, lots of Cabbage to choose from (Chinese, Red, Green & Savoy) Red Chard is back this week, Collard Greens, Purple & Green Kale. Lots of fresh herbs: Cilantro has great flavour, Dill is Dillicious(sorry), Parsley and Dandelion Greens are great in a salad or juiced. Get your Eggplant while you can, the first of our Fennel and Rutabaga will be here!!! Leeks are sweet and flavourful, Red and Yellow Onions, Pie Pumpkins(also make a nice soup) Green Peppers and this will be the last week for our own Garlic, plus we managed to find a few more Watermelons (limited amount). Maybe a couple other goodies too. See Ya, Mark"

From Jonathan Forbes:

"The Giant Puffball mushrooms have appeared. I'll also have some more fresh wild elderberries, more dried morels and 8 other mushrooms, some wild preserves & jellies, and wild veggies and the last of the extremely aromatic catnip."

From Laura Sabourin of Feast of Fields:

"We will be bringing 3 or 4 varieties of apples, and we will also have grapes, pears, peaches, plums and figs."

From Irene:

"Now that the weather is getting cooler…start thinking about taking home some venison chili from Deer Valley Farm available this week along with the usual variety of venison cuts and of course venison burgers on a freshly baked bun available hot off the grill."

John Ferrari will be away this week, but hopes to bring more blueberries next time.

From Jutta Mason:

The park staff will buy more harvest food than usual from the farmers this week, for a special Friday Night Supper: a celebration of Georgie Donais and the park's community-built composting toilet/cob tower. After a packed rink house meeting last night, despite the rain, we found out today that the project seems to have finally jumped all the hurdles (if toilets can jump). Because of all the regulatory delays this summer, the actual building of the cob "sculpture" house won't be until next spring. But we might as well celebrate now, when the farmers' harvest offers so much to make a good dinner! Friday by the oven from 6 p.m.

See you at the market!


Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market
Thursdays, 3 to 7 p.m. year-round

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