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Weekly Market Notes for September 19, 2013

we're open every Thursday, 3-7 pm, rain or shine

Hello Market Friends:

Plenty of food and plenty of news this week, let's get to it:

Shared Harvest reports: "We will have loads of squash, leeks, celeriac, pac choi, yellow and green beans, red long beans, sage, basil, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, hakurei turnips, zucchinis, lemongrass (for real this time), orange turnips, mizuna greens, arugula, beets, onions and garlic. Edamame hopefully for next week!" Kevin

Sosnickis' contribution: "We've got some beautiful Red Peppers coming to Dufferin! Lots of Romas, (you can still get cases for sauce!) AND Apples off our trees, really yummy Empires! Green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Celery and Celeriac, Leeks, Kale, Swiss Chard, Hot Peppers, Sweet & Cooking Onions, Broccoli, Cabbage, Potatoes and Garlic! Beautiful day scheduled, so come out and enjoy the great harvest!" Jess & Ben

News Flash: "This week! Kind Kale Chips are back. We will have 2 flavours this week. Vegan "Cheesy" and Vegan "Honey" garlic. We are working our way up to four flavours. Our Kale chips are Raw and dehydrated, not baked or fried. They are both healthy and addictive." Sandra Dombi, Kind Organics

Knuckle Down Farm News: "Frosty nights and beautiful sunny days, fall won't be kept off any longer! Time for roasted roots and squash soup. I will bring white and sweet orange carrots, turnips, acorn squash, beets, yellow and purple beans, collard greens and herbs (including perfect bouquet dill). There will be flowers too for a few weeks yet." Jenny

Beretta Farms Special: 5 lb bags of natural chicken legs (with backs attached) for $13.59 a bag.

A note from customer David Cayley: "I want to let you know how helpful we've found the Exact Edge sharpening vendor at the market. We first brought him kitchen knives and,after he did good job on those, followed with branch clippers, chainsaw chains, and handsaws that hadn't been sharpened in years. In all cases we have been happy with his work, and our work has gotten easier as a result. A good edge on cutting and sawing tools is a joy. Denzil is a great boon to the market. This week he'll be getting our secateurs and the poultry knife." [Note that Denzil will be at the market for the next few weeks, but doesn't stay all year.]

Lots of apples, pears and grapes from Feast of Fields this time, plus red raspberries, blackberries, maybe a few figs, and wild blueberries.

We've all been missing the Akiwenzies' fish while they have been stuck on shore repairing the boat after it was sunk. This week, some better news:

"Well Andrew is on his way out on to the water to find out what he has caught for the first time in two months. It won’t be in time for market but hoping maybe next week as long as the weather holds and he is able to find the fish. We are headed in the right direction at least and now just hoping Mother Nature helps out a bit. Have a good market." Natasha

Sage and Donna will be back this time with more stories for all ages. Listeners gather around 4:00 along the slope between the gardens and market path.

For those who've been wondering, the first market on the rink will be October 3rd, when sunset slips back to before 7 pm. A couple more weeks on the path to enjoy, and then a whole new setup.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Next week is Organic Week! A couple of advance notes:

At The Big Carrot, there's a September 26th, 7 pm screening of Symphony of the Soil.

Close to home, for the Last Friday Night Supper of the Season on the 27th, there will be a special all organic menu!

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