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Weekly Market Notes for September 2, 2010

Hello Market Friends:

September has arrived, and it may be even more bountiful than this year's superb August. We wanted to mark this starting/ending point with something special, and luckily, the fishing weather looks more co-operative than it was at Canada Day, so Andrew Akiwenzie, with a little help from his family and good friend Alli Harris, will be bringing us a Georgian Bay Fish Fry this week! Delicious fish, fries and market coleslaw--just add your own favourite mental image of the big blue lake to go with it. Great piles of harvest foods, too:

Sosnickis report: "SAUCE ROMAS in abundance! We are winding down, this is our peak season for the organic 'Viva Italia' variety romas. Next week we'll also have lots but after that we will not be taking orders. So, come by for a $5 basket, or a case and to make sure you get yours: name, phone number & # of cases you need to (Cases are half bushel 25lb for $25.) Whew, also TONS of sweet, juicy WATERMELONS, PEPPERS a plenty, HEIRLOOMS & BASIL, EGGPLANTS, ZUCS, fresh, huge heavy heads of purple and green CABBAGES, COOKING ONIONS, fresh dug Wednesday yellow & red POTATOES, still huge bunches of KALE (by the time we stop harvesting the original patch, the fall patch will be ready!) and SWEET CORN!! Lots of corn still - another whole patch not yet mature! I'm officially hitting the hall kitchen to freeze corn next week! I think that's it? Ohhh, I've been diggin' around in the sweet potato patch - they are sizing up and look fantastic! Almost forgot-- fresh bunches of CARROTS with tops & LEEKS too! I even found a baby cottontail bunny nest in the carrot patch! Sooo cute! Our new puppy sniffed it out. Wouldn't let him hurt them!" Jessie and Ben

Adrian of Greenfields will stretch the van to fit in Arugula, giant Kohlrabi, Nappa, big bunches of Basil (perfect for Pesto), Collards, Kale (black purple green), Head Lettuce, Curly Endive, Shallots, Mediteranian Onions, Spanish Onions, Parsley, Beets, Ground Cherries, Eggplants, Leeks, Chard, Celery and more.

"Nujima will be serving our popular decadent Frosted Chocolate Brownies made with almonds, raw cacao, yacon syrup and coconut spread, as well as our Blonde Macaroons made with organic coconut, cashews and coconut spread. We will be offering our Oatmeal Carob Chocolate Chip Cookies, made with gluten-free oats, as well as other tasty ingredients. Summer weather continues, and so do our cool beverages. Our fresh Green Smoothies will feature bananas, local organic early apples, cinnamon and spinach. Our chia lemonade is made with organic lemons and sweetened with agave. As for savory we will be serving Collard Green Wraps with almond basil pesto and fresh local veggies." Cassandra, Duane and James

Sandy writes: Beretta Organic Meats has lots of great Labour Day BBQ and Back to School Specials:
Smoked Jalapeno Sausages, New York Striploin, Rib Eye & Tenderloin Steaks, Prime Rib Roasts, Whole Chickens, Corned Beef Brisket chubbs are all specially priced this week !!

If it's back to the ol' routine for you next week, hope you can come and enjoy a lovely, leisurely evening with us this time.

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

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