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Weekly Market Notes for September 25, 2014

You'll find us at the park Thursdays, 3 to 7, and we hope you will join us ALL YEAR LONG!

Hello Market Friends:

So this is fall? I love it! What a marvelous week for our last market down on the path. The temperature will be balmy, the vendors will have a remarkable selection, and members of The Double Cuts western swing band will have us all smiling. Happy Organic Week!

“There will be lots of beautiful squash at the Knuckle Down Farm table. This might be the last week for zucchini, cucumber and beans, but don't worry, the spicy salad mix is back along with deep green spinach, radishes, turnips, carrots, colourful beets and four varieties of cabbage! Lea will be away for a few weeks getting to know her brand new son but my farm helper Kate has agreed to come with me to market to learn the ropes in preparation for my own approaching absence.” Jenny

Our very best wishes to Lea and family! Does eating organic have anything to do with our bumper crop of market babies?

Another congratulatory note: If you're one of our (cherished) year-round customers, you've seen Krista and Chris of DeFloured at Dufferin through every sort of weather, cheerfully determined to bring their terrific gluten-free baking to the neighbourhood. They've just celebrated the 1st anniversary of opening their bakeshop on College, where some days, they have to guard the goodies from eager buyers so they'll have enough for market. Keep up the great work, Krista and Chris!

A note to thrifty shoppers: Field Sparrow Farms (Henry) has plenty of packages of chicken backs, and one $5 package can make enough rich and delicious stock for two large batches of soup, risotto or stew. Take the bones out of the bag (thawing not compulsory), put them in a roast pan, sprinkle them with salt and roast them til they're a bit browned to bring out the flavour before simmering them slowly in a big pot of water with vegetable trimmings (such as celery and leek tops), an onion, a few peppercorns, bay leaves and herbs. After a few hours, cool and strain the stock, remove the meat from the bones return it to the pot, and then use as desired or freeze for later. Very good for what ails you.

Feast of Fields writes: "We're picking our Bosc pears, it really is fall. Fall Special: Bartlett pear seconds, excellent for processing for smoothies, nectar or baby food, a heaping 3 litres basket for $5! Matt will be bringing our freshly pressed Cider too, available for only a short time, so stock up now.

Damon Dewsbury of Culture City will be visiting one more time with his intriguing selection of tempehs (such as Chick Pea, Navy Bean, and Buckwheat), Fermented Mustard and Fermented Indian Lemon Pickle.

Mark Skinner from Everdale writes: "It's going to be a beauty week to get the winter squash harvest in and cured. That's right I said winter!!"

(He must be joking, right?)

See you at the market!

Anne Freeman

P.S. Spread the word: the market moves onto the rink next week.

Vendors this week:

  • Akiwenzies Fish (fresh, frozen and smoked Georgian Bay fish),
  • Ali Harris (rotis and fritters, hemp pesto and seeds, beverages),
  • Avalon Orchards (organic apples and cider),
  • Bees Universe (honey and bee products),
  • Beretta Farms (organic and naturally raised meats),
  • Best Baa (cheeses, yogurt, sheep's milk),
  • Brixton Grill (vegan barbeque and ice cream cookie treats),
  • Chocosol (coffee and chocolate, tortillas),
  • Country Meadows (eggs, cheese, olives, oil),
  • DeFloured (gluten-free baking),
  • Dufferin Park Bakers (wood-fired oven breads, soups,and snacks),
  • Earth and City (raw foods and smoothies)
  • Evelyn's Crackers (sweet and savoury baking using ON grains),
  • Everdale Farm (organic vegetables),
  • Feast of Fields (organic berries and tender fruits),
  • Field Sparrow (pastured meats),
  • Floralora Flowers (cutflowers),
  • Forbes Wild Foods (dried mushrooms, nuts, syrup, preserves)
  • Kind Organics (sprouts, kombuchas, teas, salad blends),
  • Knuckle Down Farm (organic vegetables),
  • Pine River Organic Farm (organic vegetables),
  • Plan B (organic produce),
  • Shared Harvest (organic vegetables, ferments),
  • Sosnickis Organics (organic vegetables),
  • Spade & Spoon (jams, pickles, soups),
  • Tapioca Gourmet (gluten-free tapioca pancakes with seasonal fillings),
  • Ted Thorpe (veggies),
  • Urban Harvest (body care, seeds, plant care),
  • VQA Wines (rotating roster of organic wineries, Frogpond Farm Winery this time),
  • Waymac Farms (oyster and shiitake mushrooms),
  • Ying Ying Soy (tofus and miso).

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