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If a pipe bursts in your basement or your roof leaks, where do you turn? Find out your neighbours' favourite fixers, where your neighbours like to go out to eat, who they go to for piano lessons, and more. This list is a compendium of listserv posts from four local lists.

Food In The Neighbourhood

Welcome to the Food in the Neighbourhood page, where neighbour recommendations give us a guide to some of our local eateries and food suppliers.



posted September 18, 2012

From: Theresa

A new cafe called Haven opened up on Brock just north of Bloor about a month ago. Very cute, not very big but some seating outside. Sells organic, vegan local coffee and baked goods. I stopped in this morning and had a cup of Americano and a slice of vegan banana bread. Yummy.


posted February 17, 2012

From: Paola Giavedoni

There's a new cafe on Bloor. The Rustic Owl Cafe. Very new open just 2 days. They are located on the south side of Bloor just West of Dovercourt (where the dollar store used to be)

A very large space with a gallery featuring established and student artists. Free trade Mountain view coffee and pastries too.

I had a delicious frothy chai latte...yum.


posted August 12, 2011

From: Theresa

Just wanted to share some news about a new cafe opening up in the hood. I stumbled upon it this afternoon while walking on Lansdowne (east side, north of Bloor, beside subway).

It is called the Toronto Coffee Company. Finishing touches are being put on it by three partners, Including Blair Holder, who lives on Lansdowne. They are doing a great job, using a lot of reclaimed material. There is a tin ceiling that was reclaimed from a century home that was knocked down. Ditto for the wood used for the front and back counters. There are salvaged architectural drafting chairs along the bar, antique chandeliers and other lighting fixtures.

All this material came from Junction Triangle businesses that specialize in this field ie Forever Interiors, Smash, and the Post and Beam. (I didn't realize there were so many of these kinds of businesses in the hood. If someone from the Junction Triangle reads this, perhaps you ca share it with your listserv.)

There are comfy leather chairs/sofas and a long church pew running down one wall. They have used 0 voc paint, so no nasty fumes. Looks really great. Plan to serve organic coffee, tea and fresh fruit smoothies (no pre-mixed syrups).

They plan to open Fri. Aug. 19.


posted April 20, 2011

From: Donna

John Lostracco (who also owned John's Italian Cafe on Baldwin street), has just opened a new cafe selling organic coffee at Bloor and Westmoreland.

I hear the cappuccinos are excellent! It is tucked away out of view from passing foot traffic, just a few paces north of Bloor.

Let us know what you think.

El Cafecito 3 Westmoreland (1 street west of Dovercourt, on the east side)

I just found a couple reviews on the Friends of Dufferin Grove site:


posted March 11, 2011

From: Kim Malcolmson

I was at The Indian Kitchen recently ( and thought the food was the best of the local Indian restaurants. It's at 394 Bloor, west of Brunswick, and has both takeout and eating in. The great blessing of eating in is that there is no music, the tables are far apart, and you can hear what the people you are with are saying!! 416-920-0195


posted March 11, 2011

From: Gillian Tremain

Hi neighbours,

I wanted to let everyone know that a really great new coffee shop has opened on Westmoreland Avenue just north of Bloor St. It's called El Cafecito, and has organic coffee (Faema machine), hot chocolate, some biscotti-like snacks, Wi-Fi and a nice atmosphere, having also been renovated recently.

It is run by a friendly guy who lives on Salem Ave - he needs to spread the word that he's open for business, so I told him I'd send this out. He also sells beans.

From: Marta Baziuk

Walking the dog over the weekend I happened on a new coffee shop -- El Cafecito, at 3 Westmoreland (a few steps north of Bloor on the west side). I ordered an Americano (excellent!) and spoke w/the owner (and area resident), John Lostracco. He told me that he founded John's Italian Cafe on Baldwin St. and Classic Pizza on College, retired a few years ago, and that when the location became available, he decided to open a coffee shop near his home. Focus is on organic and fair trade certified coffee and he sells beans and ground. John mentioned that right now he has coffee from Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala and Ethiopia as well as blends from the well-known roaster north of Toronto, Classic Gourmet Coffee. There is some food, like biscotti and empanadas. He also sells paraphernalia like espresso pots and mugs. I was surprised to see a table with moccasins for sale -- turns out he sells some fair trade hand-crafted products from Central and Latin America (including tapestries and shoulder bags.) WI-FI is available. Open 9-5.


posted July 09, 2010

Just wanted to let you know about the YUMMY and very healthy menu at Zucalo, a new restaurant at the corner of Bloor and Symington beside the laundramat. I sampled the Green Bean Salad with grilled radishes and accompanied with brie cheese and delicious crackers that look homemade (I forgot to ask if they are). They have soups, salads and sandwiches with the fillings and bread seperate so you can build your sandwich. Also they have a few small appetizer type items. They will have their liquor license soon. Owners are Paul and Heather. I'm so glad there is a place a little closer to me to enjoy. The washrooms are A+ and the decor is simple but lovely. Welcome Zucalo!

From: Orion

We went today for lunch today at Zucalo - the food (veggie sandwich, the bean salad + deviled peanut butter cookie) and the fresh juices were amazing.

And yes, the washrooms are very spiffy - even a place for a gal to put her purse down when using the facilities. When do you ever see that anymore? ;-)

Lovely place, very friendly people, great food.

Orion and Janet


posted January 12, 2010

From: Melanie
I'm not sure if Swatow on Spadina delivers, but you can always get take-out if you feel brave enough to face spadina. Swatow is the best chinese food I have had in the city, and I consider myself experienced in the topic (my boyfriend is Chinese). Try the clams with black bean sauce, the sauteed pea shoots, crispy noodles, and any of their soups. I have seen Susur Lee eating there once...if that means its good!

FRom: Cynthia
Swatow is great... and they definitely don't deliver. Be forewarned...the also only take cash.

I like the "big bowl of soup with noodles" (or something like that), which has a lot of veggies in it. The veggie chow mein is good, and we usually order snow pea tops (which come with a garlic sauce).


posted January 06, 2010

From: Jane Brooks

The only good take out is from New Sky.....I always go down and pick up. They are happy to bring it out to your car if you call from curb (eliminates Spadina Parking nightmares). Not sure if they deliver but would possibly put in cab. Only take Visa or Mastercard. Try the green beans!

This is our solution after many horrible wastes of $ on local Chinese.....we'd stopped until I discovered that I could get good stuff from New Sky


posted October 23, 2009

From: Justin S.

A while back, I heard about a little cafe called Holy Oak a little west of Lansdowne on Bloor. Since then i have visited it frequently. It's right on bloor, but once inside I feel removed from the speed of bloor street. The ambiance is very calm. By day, I go for the teas and coffees which are tops. I have been once at night for some wine and it is beautiful. Plus they have live jazz on Tuesday nights now. Such a welcome change to that neighborhood. things are changing fast.


posted April 19, 2009

I just wanted to repeat what's been said on this site before - Naco's on Dundas is a great restaurant. We ate dinner there last night and breakfast today. My dinner last night cost 8 bucks. Their weekend brunch is delicious.

Let's keep this place in business. It's unique and really cozy. The coffee is the best in the neighbourhood by the way and Julian the owner is really friendly.


posted February 04, 2009

From: Jo-Ann Seamon
There is a new, excellent mexican restaurant/store in the 'hood on Dufferin, just south of Bloor called the "Tortilleria". They make their own homemade fresh corn tortillas that are amazing and very cheap. I want to support this local new business and my own bid to have more mexican food places in our area.


posted May 11, 2008

From: Sandra
Last night we went to Roma at Bloor and Gladstone. We weren't expecting much but it turns out they just did a complete reno after being on "Restuarant Makeover".

It was great!

We, two couples, went in with two 4 year olds and two 1 year olds. The staff was great with the kids, got us high chairs, split the dishes up for us, tailored the pasta to my picky son's liking and was generally pleasant. The atmosphere was nice, the place was open and bright and the menu had a lot to offer. We ordered salad, pizza, bruschetta, garlic bread, calamari and a couple of pastas. All very good. Red wine also good.

Adults and kids had a great time.

Anyway, the place wasn't very full. The Makeover episode hasn't aired yet. It's a nice "new" addtion to the neighbourhood so I hope it does well. I urge you all to to go.


posted February 07 , 2007

Hey Neighbours,

Check out this month's Toronto Life Magazine review of our new Indian restaurant, Banjara at Crawford and Bloor. They love it and so will you!

sheila p


posted May 07 , 2007

I highly recommend Yasi's Place. It is a wonderful little locally run cafe on Wallace (299 Wallace Avenue). They have delicious coffee, homemade food and they are just all around good people.

You can find them on the web at



posted August 22, 2007

Just want to add a little review on the new Vietnamese restaurant on Bloor & Brock area; we went for dinner on Monday, the place is nice, bright and spacey. Very clean, even the washrooms have some nice motifs :-)

The menu shows a good variety of Vietnamese food (I must try the congee next time), price is reasonable; big screen TV and R&B music; there weren't many patrons at that time (around 6pm on a Monday); I hope it's not like that all the time 'cos I really hate to see it close down for lack of profit.

Cheers, Kathryn :-)

Specialty Delivery

posted January 12, 2010


From: Norma Dickinson
Regal Garden - on south side of Christie Pitts on Bloor. 815 Bloor St W Toronto 416-530-8088

From: Marta Baziuk
We've always had a positive experience w/Regal Garden as well.


posted August 22, 2007

Enjoy the pleasures of good food and good health with the convenience of Hearth to Home.

Hearth to Home prepares fresh organic vegan meals that feature elegant contemporary flavours and traditional favourites adapted to healthier plant-based versions. Meals are delivered to Toronto homes each week.

Our home meal delivery service makes it easy and affordable to eat well in terms of both taste and nutrition while enjoying more leisure time free of cooking.

We hope Hearth to Home will enhance your well-being: nourishing body and soul with wholesome, satisfying meals from cultures around the world and menus that change with each week and season.



posted October 2, 2008

Personal Chef/Caterer

A husband and wife team can come into your home and prepare a gourmet buffet or sit-down style meal for your family and friends.

We shop, prepare and serve, all you have to do is entertain your guests and we will do the rest.

For your next cocktail party, meeting or special event we can also provide signature sandwich/wrap platters and scrumptious hors d’oeuvres.


posted January 14, 2008

From: Gretel Meyer Odell
Further to Michael's message - we tried out the new vegetarian Ethiopian resto just west of Brock on Queen (south side) this past weekend. It was good, inexpensive and they do that awesome Ethiopian coffee ceremony where they roast the beans in front of you and serve amazing fresh coffee whilst frankincense burns merrily on your table. Their menu includes lots of vegan dishes and they have great desserts. cheers!


posted January 22, 2008

The National Post Toronto section did a feature article on the best delivery restaurants in the city and cited Thai Green Mango on Bloor at Havelock in their Thai food section. Their phone number is 416-532-5050 It's been a favourite at our house for awhile so please do try it. Also, last time I was there, they told me they'll be opening up a patio this summer! Won't it be nice to see some more outdoor eating going on in the neighbourhood?
Sheila Pin


posted February 07, 2008

From: Paola Giavedoni
Just a note about a new place for yummy eats in the "hood" Alice's Restaurant 856 College St at Concord (north side)- west of Ossington...416 534 7500 a warm welcome to the Cara and John (and Molly and Alice) who just moved to TO to open their first restaurant. Let's all go out and support them. We just got back from a delicious meal at Alice's..they have a kid's menu too.
Niagara Wines and local beers.. cozy and a great atmosphere
lunch and dinner and brunch too.


posted March 06, 2008

From: Mr.Stiff
Just wanted to let everyone know about a great new restaurant in the neighbourhood. Its called Alice's Restaurant at 856 College. Really great food, pretty much everything is made from scratch and, as much as possible, they usee the 100 mile rul so all the food is local. Check it out alicesrestaurant


posted March 06, 2008

I wanted to plug Karuchie on College for exceptional food and great service. Located across the street from the Y at Dovercourt.. look for the brown sign. The manager lives in Dufferin Grove and has created a great ambiance there. Here's the web link..for those interested...
Paola Giavedoni

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