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If a pipe bursts in your basement or your roof leaks, where do you turn? Find out your neighbours' favourite fixers, where your neighbours like to go out to eat, who they go to for piano lessons, and more. This list is a compendium of listserv posts from four local lists.


Welcome to the Professional Services page...

...where neighbours' recommendations for lawyers, accountants and real estate agents are listed here, for doctors go to health and fitness services .



posted February 17, 2013

From: Abigail Pugh

Since taxtime is coming up, I'm replying to the whole list. Rocky Colangelo is a superb young tax accountant. He makes house calls, and his rate seems very fair. If you call him, please tell him I sent you. 416 346 4896.

From: Jag Bhathal

Hello Neighbours, I have had Raul prepare my taxes for the last 8 yrs or so. He is friendly, professional and is reasonably priced. Please let him know I have referred you. His office is located at Ossington&St. Clair area and his cotact info is: tel. # 416-653-5825


posted June 25, 2009

From: Michelle Webb
Last week we had our first appointment with Lory Berger. I quite like him and his approach suited our family's needs. He came highly recommended from a friend.

His contact info is:

266 King Street West
Suite 304
Toronto Ontario
M5V 1H8

Phone: 416-362-5869

Check him out.


posted June 25, 2009

From: Jennifer Stein
I have gone to Amanda Mills at Artbooks for many years. They do a lot of work for artists and arts organizations, so are used to unique circumstances!

Artbooks/Loose Change

720 Spadina Ave., Suite 513 (Spadina, just south of Bloor) (416) 466-4435


posted June 25, 2009

From: linor
the tax ma'am has never let us down (she's in the east end though). She's great if you have your own business! 416-461-0375.


posted June 25, 2009

From: Diana Ballon
We are very happy with Charles Lyall, 416 963-8884. His office is just east of Carlton and Yonge. He's inexpensive and fast, and has helped us with quite straightforward taxes, as well as freelance work, home office etc.


posted June 19, 2009

I use Ralph Grunier and he is wonderful. Kooky, and very very good. Website is:



posted June 19, 2009

From: Paola
The Accounting Block
916 Broadview Ave
M4K 2R1
contact: Cathy DeRose
416 778 8128 ext 4
we use her for personal and corporation tax work


posted April 16, 2009

From: Marcia
Gary Cunningham, is an accountant w/ years (ie: 40) of such experience. His phone number is 905-331-9633. He is in Toronto every Monday and Friday.


posted April 16, 2009

From: Cynthia
I can recommend Ralph Grunier. He's not in our area though. Many of his clients are artists, he's slightly cooky (which I like), and he's REALLY GOOD at what he does.

Tel: 416.484.4844
45 Mt. Pleasant Road


posted May 14, 2007

I know a great accountant who does a lot of work with entrepreneurs/small businesses, he's ideal for the kind of tax savings and long-term relationship you're looking for. His office is located in the Danforth area but his assistant/bookkeeper travels to the customer site to save both parties the hassle of transporting paperwork.

Give him a shout, he'll be pleased to answer all of your questions so that you can decide if he's a good fit for you.

Martin Saxton 416-462-9583




posted September 18, 2012

Real estate lawyer

From: Kate Andrew

we've had good luck on real estate and wills and estate things with tom white from fleming white (bloor and yonge). tom used to live in the area - but may have moved. the office number is 416 961 2868.

From: Tom McCauley Sandy McIntyre of the McMaster McIntyre and Smyth who is quite active in the local community.

From: Diana Ballon

We were very happy with Ken Picov, 416 488-2100 on Eglinton West.

From: Dave Howard

We have used Lance Lehman for our real estate lawyerin' for many years - his office is just at havelock and bloor (1067 Bloor St West), phone 416 534 3555. He was BIA chair for this area for years, is very attentive, knowledgeable, and experienced. Nice guy too

From: Silvie

Hi we are currently working with Lance Lehman he's just on Bloor at Havelock is great to deal with and has tons of experience with real estate. 1067 Bloor St W, 416-534-3555 x206


posted February 05, 2010

From: Tyler Clark Burke

I love "Paul Conway" <>. He's my estate and real estate lawyer. He lives in Toronto but also has an office out of town (Unionville maybe?). He may not be ideal because of his location (not near Brockton/Dufferin Grove), but he is GREAT to work with, really smart and funny, and really sees the world in a balanced way. I feel like he practices law for the right reasons.

From: Neil Lee

We just had ours done by Stanley Landau, who was really friendly and seemed to know what he doing. Not the most glowing recommendation, but I'm especially clueless when it comes to these things. That said, everything looked complete and he was a pleasure to work with.

Stanley Landau
Birenbaum, Steinberg, Landau, Savin & Colraine, LLP
Barristers and Solicitors
33 Bloor Street East
Suite 1000

Direct Line: (416) 961-4117

From: Adrienne Trent

Avrum Glasner on the Danforth, just east of Broadview...he was our real estate lawyer in the 90's, and he handled my Dad's estate 3 years ago. He is a great lawyer and person and not expensive!


From: Marc Lafleur

I don't want this to descend into a complaint session, but I wanted to respond with a cautionary note to Tyler Clarke Burke's post. We also used Paul Conway and we had an absolutely awful experience with both him and his staff. Unfortunately they failed to dot a lot of i's and cross a lot of t's (which is basically what you hire a lawyer to do, isn't it?). Not only were they incompetent on many levels they were not helpful in cleaning up the mess. I can't testify to Paul's reasons for practicing law, but getting it right isn't one of them, at least in our case. I would hire him at your own risk.


posted May 08, 2009

From: Pat Rayman
You could try Haley Gaber-Katz at 416-363-9295 #1003. She is a very thorough, excellent family law lawyer.


posted May 04, 2009

From: Jane Brooks
Try Melanie Sager. Her office is at Christie & Dupont. She's tough and gets things done.


posted May 04, 2009

From: Marcia
My husband, Lance Lehman, has his office on Bloor and Havelock. His number is 416.534.3555 x 206.


posted March 25, 2007

We have used Lance Lehman, who is local and a dad at the park (he is often at friday night supper) as our lawyer. His contact info is:

Lance Lehman
Malo, Pilley & Lehman
1067 Bloor St. West (at Havelock)
416-534-3555 x 206



posted March 19, 2008

Park friend and neighbour Bruce Whitaker has started a business called, which offers mortgages and other consumer products. The idea is that subscribers get lower rates owing to the leverage of bulk purchasing. Check out the website.

Real estate agents

posted October 25, 2009

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts
Realtor Ryan Roberts offered free pumpkins at Dufferin Grove Park a week and a half before Hallowe'en. It was on market day, and over the course of one hour in the afternoon the temperature dropped 8 degrees. He looked really cold. What you have to do to make it in business! However, Ryan wasn't any the worse for the cold. In fact, the following week, he brought more pumpkins and set them up at the market -- pretty nice! The kids carved them and took them home for their porches. Ryan says he wants to get more involved with the park, so this winter he'll be helping kids learn to skate.

Ryan told us:
I was attracted to the Dufferin Grove area because of it's deep rooted believe in what makes for a strong community. Having grown up in the city I have seen a massive transformation for the better in the area. I'm also a big fan of Jane Jacobs beliefs which seem to be reflected in the neighbourhood - this ultimately brought me and my wife to the area a number of years ago.

I really like the belief that strong cities are based on diversity in both economic and social aspects. Organic growth while protecting the heritage of each community is a good thing. Dufferin Grove appears to be a good mix. I also appreciate her activism at the municipal level - I cannot imagine how awkward our core would be if the Allen Road had made its way all the way down.

website: for the latest Toronto real estate listings, news and information.


posted March 12, 2008

A fantastic agent (and - full disclosure - friend) who got us our new house in the neighbourhood. His name is Chris Kelly and he's with Sutton Real Estate. Chris is honest and straightforward, extremely personable, has a passion for real estate (with a near photographic memory for things that have been sold and listed) and a decorator's eye. He also lives in the area and knows it very well. I hope this was as impassioned a pitch as any..... Here is his contact information:


posted March 12, 2008

I recommend Frank Bertucca of Graydon Hill:

He's honest and his service is so good that he makes me want to buy a house!

From: Genevieve


posted March 12, 2008

Arthur Irwin - Coldwell Group. He's the best and is a patron at the Grove (lives across the street and has a lovely little family). He is a former contractor so can look at a house and tell you how well built it is or isn't (steeped in integrity). He goes by referral only and has built a solid business from this. I am surprised how many folks I meet who have worked with Arthur and at the same time I have never heard from or about an unhappy client.

Check out his website:

From: Don

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