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[from the October 2001 newsletter]

posted March 15, 2004

Slow cooking at the park:

Barbara Kerr and her family came and picked elderberries in the park in early September and Barbara made pies. She followed this up at the end of the month by cooking a cassoulet in the residual heat of the smaller bake oven. This slow-cooked dish is a French specialty containing white beans, tomatoes, and various kinds of meat. In parts of France the pot was never removed from the oven except to dish up some for dinner and then to add some more ingredients and put it back in to cook again. One of Barbara's recipes said that the cassoulet of Mere Clemence in Montparnasse simmered for twenty years, while another one in a nearby town was cooking for over a hundred years, until it was interrupted by the German occupation in 1940. Barbara's clay pot was only in for a day, and then the stew fed a large party of people, with none left over to keep cooking. Slow cooking like this can be done in the park oven on Wednesdays (overnight) and on Saturdays in the daytime. To borrow an oven key for your stew, call the park at 416/392-0913 and leave a message. (Recipes for pizza and slow cooking stews can be found in two scrap books at the rink house.)

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